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5 Different Uses for Face Masks

By December 30, 2020No Comments

Keys, wallet, facemask.

By now, face masks have become one of the things when we leave the house and will be for the foreseeable future. While there’s a huge focus on the use of masks to prevent the spread of illness, there are many other uses for masks, too!
We are a proud retailer of the World’s Best Reusable Air Filtration Mask™, RZ Mask. The RZ Mask M2 Mesh Mask is one of our most popular reusable face masks– why? Because they’re incredibly versatile!

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Here are a few different uses for reusable face masks:

1. Masks for Landscaping

RZ Reusable Masks are perfect for working in the yard! Cutting the grass, laying mulch, and racking up leaves can stir up airborne contaminants that can trigger allergies and make you sick. Wearing a mask while doing yard work is a perfect way to protect yourself from inhaling pollen, mold, chemicals, and more!

2. Masks for Woodworking

Woodworkers know firsthand that protection is key when working with wood. Sawdust can cause dermatitis and other allergic reactions and other respiratory issues. Whether you’re sanding something, carving, or engraving wood, we highly recommend wearing a mask to protect you from the harmful effects of inhaling sawdust.


3. Masks for Dirt Biking/Off-Roading

Believe it or not, RZ Mask got its start because the founder wanted protection from trail dirt and dust. RZ Masks are a must-have for adventure junkies and risk-takers for protection from the harmful effects of inhaling trail dirt and dust.

4. Masks for Construction

No matter what kind of job you’re doing on a construction site, there’s tons of dust that can be stirred up that overtime that can take a toll on your health. RZ Masks offer protection for construction workers and DIYers by capturing dust and contaminants in the air. Whether you’re working on building something new or demoing for a new project, protect yourself with the best reusable face mask.

5. Other Uses for Masks

  • Cleaning: Whether you’re using household cleaners or have a job in the cleaning industry, protecting yourself is key! Breathing in strong chemicals while cleaning and have long term effects on your health which is why wearing a mask is essential.
  • Maintenance: Whether you’re working with insulation, cleaning out that dusty corner of your house, or cleaning mold in the basement it’s important to protect yourself from contaminants in the air that can harm your health. Just taking a second to put on a mask for protection can have many long-term benefits.
  • Painting: Years ago, paints contained lots of harmful ingredients that when inhaled could make you very sick. Although there have been many innovations in paint, you’ll still want protection from the strong paint fumes. RZ Masks make it easy to protect yourself when painting indoors and outdoors.

No matter what you need, RZ Reusable Mesh Masks are perfect for the job. Grab one for you and one for your loved ones today!


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If you are interested in buying an RZ Mask for protection from virus-carrying particles, we recommend adding Valve Caps to your cart. Many counties and states in the U.S. are prohibiting wearing masks with valves as they are intended to protect the wearer and not prevent the spread. The RZ Valve Caps are the answer to this restriction.



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Please consult the CDC’s website for the most up-to-date information about masks and the coronavirus.

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