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5 Secrets to Saving BIG this Winter

By December 12, 2022No Comments

saving in the winter

Winter’s coming! It’s not just a Game of Thrones saying- it’s around the corner. With Christmas and the New Year events causing an obvious increase in spending, it’s important to know the best tips for saving money this winter. We’ll rate these best saving practices with number 1 being the most optimal. Let’s go over some little-known, but impactful ways to save BIG this winter.

5) Utilizing Daylight

The sun is the biggest source of energy that we have, and yet many people don’t take advantage of it. We’re not just talking about solar power energy, but daylight. One easy way to save money over the course of winter is to rely on indoor lighting less and utilize daylight for as long as possible.

This means opening those windows and letting the sunlight in! Not only will you illuminate your life with natural light (great for selfies!), but you’ll also save a bit on the energy bill.

4) Regulating Thermostat Usage

An easy way to run up the bill in the winter months is to run the heat at a very high temperature! The most common comfortable temperature for indoor air is around 68 degrees, and any higher than the 60 – 70 range can cost you 5% extra for each degree on your bill.

Save money by setting your heat to a maximum temperature of 70. If you’re living in a 2-story home, remember that heat rises. This means that you can take advantage of it by having your bottom floor be about 2 degrees higher than your top floor. The dynamic of the cool and hot air will meld to create the coziest temperature while keeping money in your pockets.

Man taking shower

3) Regulating Hot Water Usage

Everybody loves a long hot shower, especially after a tough day. However, even though those moments may be relaxing, they are costing you dollars. Approximately 2/3rds of your water heating costs come from showers. This is amplified if you have a lot of people residing in your home. Taking shorter showers will save you up to 33%.

During the holiday season, it’s possible that you’re hosting relatives, or perhaps are going to be guests for an extended period. Either way, it’s good to keep this in mind so that you can save yourself a dime or give your host a gift by keeping your showers brief.

Another tip to save on water heating costs is to use cold water when doing laundry as much as possible. This will reduce your washer’s energy use by up to 75%!

2) Regulate Energy Use

Everybody is guilty of leaving lights on at one time or another! Those lights, no matter how small, gradually add up on the energy bill. To pinch for as many pennies as possible, you’ll need to be on top of making sure unused lights are turned off.

The same can be said for computers and video game systems. Both devices have sleep modes that conserve energy when they aren’t in use. While convenient because of faster booting, they still draw power. If you aren’t planning on using it minutes later, turn it off completely to augment savings.

man changing furnace air filter

1) Replace Your Filters

The number one biggest secret to saving big this winter is consistently changing your filters!
First, we’d recommend that you purchase high-quality pleated filters. Well-made pleated filters can last twice as long as a fiberglass filter. Although you may save upfront, fiberglass filters require more frequent changes, demanding more spending over time.

Although we advocate changing your filters frequently, we understand that the busyness of life causes us to forget. A pleated filter will be able to perform more efficiently thanks to the standard of its make, giving you a bit of wiggle room to remember to change it!

A clean filter will keep your HVAC system running optimally, reducing electric bills and conserving energy.

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