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6 Travel Essentials After Vaccination

By April 12, 2021No Comments

The CDC recently released Guidance on Travel for Fully Vaccinated People, which begs the question— how safe is travel after you’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19?

We do know that you can still contract coronavirus even if you’ve been vaccinated. COVID-19 is easily spread indoors via airborne particles and can even spread through surfaces. At, it’s our mission to help equip you with the knowledge and products that you need to stay healthy.

If you have plans to travel after you have received your COVID-19 vaccine, we have a few products that you’ll want to take with you to help you stay safe and protected as you travel.

Family with two children going on holiday, wearing face masks at the airport.



Mini True HEPA Portable Air Purifier
Keep the air around you as safe and healthy as it should be with this Mini HEPA Portable Allergy Relief Home & Car Air Purifier. This affordable and portable air purifier is a safe and easy way to reduce odors, pollutants, allergens, formaldehyde, smoke, and other airborne contaminants from the air in your vicinity. This car air purifier will conveniently fit in your cup holder. Plus, you can even take it into your hotel room and put it beside your bed, too! It has three wind speeds for easy adjusting and a true HEPA air filter so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re protected at all times.

car air purifier



Mini True HEPA Portable Air Purifier

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Hand and Surface Sanitizer
As we mentioned above, COVID-19 can spread through contaminated surfaces, which is why you’ll want Virol-Oxy 19 Hand & Surface Sanitizer with you as you travel post-COVID. This sanitizer is toxin-free, alcohol-free, and water-based. This powerful disinfectant comes in an encapsulated sanitizing powder. Just dilute the powder capsule in water to activate the solution in the included spray bottle and start cleaning! This innovative product uses green technology and is potent enough to not only sanitize your hands but every surface you come in contact with! Within a minute of application, this disinfectant will leave behind a layer of protection on surfaces that will last up to 2 weeks!

virol-oxy hand santizer


Virol-Oxy 19 Hand & Surface Sanitizer

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Mask Filters
When traveling, you’re going to want to make sure that your mask is as effective as possible at protecting you from airborne contaminants including virus-carrying particles. An easy way to increase the effectiveness of your mask without adding an extra mask is to add one of our MERV 13 Face Mask Filters! These impressively effective filters are made with the same media used for our MERV 13 ac filters. These filters will effectively capture dust, pollen, fumes, and more! These filters will fit perfectly in your mask’s filter pocket or between your face and your mask. These mask filters come in a convenient 10-pack, so you’ll have plenty on hand when you need them.



MERV 13 Mask Filters

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Reusable Masks
The CDC recommends still wearing a mask even if you’ve been vaccinated since the majority of Americans remain unvaccinated. The RZ Mask is one of the most comfortable reusable facemasks on the market and is a must-have for travelers. If you’re tired of your current mask tugging at your ears or are looking for a mask that won’t fog up your glasses, give RZ Mask a try! RZ Masks, when worn with an RZ Mask F1 Activated Carbon Replacement Filter, comply with N95 and N99 standards and will prevent 99.9% of allergens, dust, dirt, and other types of particles from entering your lungs and nasal passage.

comfortable reusable high quality RZ mask



RZ Mask in Black

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We recommend adding RZ Mask Exhalation Valve Caps to your purchase of an RZ Mask to increase the effectiveness of your mask and to comply with area mask mandates and standards.

RZ mask with teal valve caps



RZ Mask Exhalation Valve Caps 

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Disposable Masks
Looking for an impressively effective single-use mask? We have two great disposable mask options from RZ Mask! These disposable masks provide 95% filter efficiency and conform to NOISH 95 Standards. These aren’t like other masks on the market, they come with a padded adjustable nosepiece for a custom fit. These masks are latex-free and hypoallergenic making them the perfect mask to have on hand while you travel. Choose from a foldable or cup design for easy packing.


RZ Mask Single Use Disposable N95 Foldable Mask



RZ Mask Foldable Single-Use Mask

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RZ Mask Single Use Disposable N95 Cup Mask


RZ Mask Cup Single-Use Mask

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Mask Cleaner
Since masks aren’t going away anytime soon, it’s paramount that your mask stays clean. When you’re traveling, keeping your mask clean can be difficult. The RZ Germ-Free & Odor-Free Mask Cleanser makes it easy to prioritize the cleanliness of your mask while you’re on the go. This safe, rinse-free formula will keep your mask free of odors and germs. Not only does it leave behind no residue and is respiratory safe, but it’s even safe for your skin and hands. Simply spray all sides of your mask and air dry!

RZ Mask Clean & Odor-free Mask Spray Cleaner



RZ Germ-Free & Odor-Free Mask Cleaner

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We can all agree that coronavirus has impacted our lives over the past year and will continue to change the way we do things going forward. At, we’re committed to helping you navigate this “new normal” with the products that you need to stay healthy.

Check out our COVID-19 Safety Products for other product recommendations for your home.

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For the most up-to-date and accurate information about the pandemic, please visit the CDC’s website. is a replacement water and air filter company located in the United States. The views and opinions contained herein are solely those of the original author and do not represent Eco Blue Life or its affiliates. This article was originally published on  
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