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Air Filtration and Water Filtration: A New Perspective Update

By July 14, 2022No Comments

Several months have passed since my first entry discussing the basics of filtration. We started out talking about air filtration and went over the ABCs of water filtration as well. Well, friends, it’s time for a short but sweet update.

a set of brand new air filters

Air Filtration:

I had not changed my air filters since moving into my house and had been living there for a year. I decided to go with MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) 8 furnace filters and installed them step by step.

MERV 8 filters are perfect for my needs because they catch dust pollen, allergens, and other airborne particles in my home, without constricting airflow too much. The results after installing my replacement filters have been stellar! I now experience little to no stuffy nose issues, and I can tell a difference in the air quality. My air quality feels less muggy compared to before and I’m not worried about air pollution or mold spores.

My girlfriend has noticed the change as well, noting that before it felt stuffy inside and outside whereas now, she can tell the difference between the outdoor air quality and indoor air quality. We can both tell that our air conditioning is operating at maximum capacity this summer.  My next air filtration upgrade will be getting my air purifier setup for the downstairs, and a portable one with a true HEPA filter for my office to clean the air while I work.

air filter


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Water Filtration:

I knew very little about water filtration at first and was surprised to learn that you could install a filter on your shower. I purchased the AquaBliss SF500 Rejuvia Universal Multi-Stage Shower Head Filter and easily installed it in my shower.

The results of having a shower filter have been stupendous!. You really do not realize how much chlorine influences your skin until its absence. The water quality is amazing. It doesn’t feel as harsh on our skin, and we can tell a difference in the health of our skin as well.

shower filter

AquaBliss SF500 Rejuvia Universal Multi-Stage Shower Head Filter

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I’m not going to lie; we haven’t quite gotten around to using the ZeroWater ZD-010 10-Cup Filtered Pitcher so I can’t comment on the drinking water quality, but that leaves something else to go into depth in a future update!

My journey with filtration is still in its infancy stages, but it has been a momentous one so far! Both air and water filtration have added so much quality to my life and they can add the same benefits to yours. I hope you continue to follow my journey and check out all that offers to enhance your home filtration experience!

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