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AprilAire Whole House Dehumidifier: 8 Installation Tips You NEED To Follow

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The value of dehumidification during warm weather is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. An AprilAire Whole House Dehumidifier provides several benefits that can make life comfortable for you this summer. Though it may seem simple to install, putting this dehumidifier together can be more difficult than it appears.

To be safe, we’d recommend hiring a professional. If you attempt to DIY, there’s a chance you may hear noises and become unsure whether you’ve received a faulty device. Since this is a great investment into your home, it’s a good idea to take the time and follow these steps before jumping to conclusions should you attempt to set the dehumidifier up yourself.

Here are 8 installation tips you should follow:

verifying aprilaire whole house dehumidifier

1) Verify the Label

Sometimes we receive products that aren’t exactly what we ordered.

It happens!

Check the box and, on the side, should be model number details. This will verify whether you’ve received the right device or not. This is also important for being able to look up troubleshooting information specifically for your dehumidifier model.


2) Register your dehumidifier

After you’ve verified that you received the correct model, you should check for the serial number so that you can register it. The serial number should be below the model number on the packaged box. It’s important to register so that you guarantee your warranty.

With the warranty, you’ll be able to receive a brand-new dehumidifier without having to spend extra if it hasn’t expired.

Register Your Dehumidifier


follow instructions aprilaire dehumidifier

3) Read all instructions before attempting to install!

You may be an experienced Do-it-yourselfer, but slowing down and reading all the instructions can be beneficial. It’s easy to look over an important detail that may be the difference between having a smooth time installing your dehumidifier or a difficult one.

AprilAire Whole House Dehumidifiers come with a parts list sheet. Read through this sheet and ensure you have all the required pieces.
Improper installation can damage your dehumidifier or worse, cause personal injury. Though it may seem like a simple step to skip, we highly recommend taking the time to do so!


store aprilaire dehumidifier in right position

4) Wait 24 hours before running the unit if it was not shipped or stored in the right position.

Manufacturers attempt to provide every product in pristine condition, but they’re not perfect. It’s also possible that the shipping company didn’t pay attention to how it was handled. Either way, if you notice that the unit wasn’t positioned correctly, you should wait 24 hours before attempting to run it.

So, what is the proper position?

The AprilAire boxes in which the dehumidifier is contained have arrows on the side that show which way the box should be facing. A quick tip is that the opposite end of the lid should be facing up. When you open the box, the AprilAire logo should be upright. This should be the case even if you decide to pack it up for storage or when moving, so keep it in mind!


safely remove aprilaire whole house dehumidifier shipping bracket

5) Safely remove the shipping bracket!

Removing the shipping bracket is a crucial part of installing your dehumidifier. The bracket can easily get caught on the insulation on the inside of the device. A small tool such as a screwdriver, or perhaps a butter knife, can be used to assist you in prying it away from the zip tie.

Ensure that you use care during this step so that no small pieces of the bracket are left inside the dehumidifier, causing a ruckus.


6) Ensuring the Dehumidifier is level BEFORE installing the drain assembly.

If you decide to install your AprilAire Dehumidifier yourself, when you’re getting ready to connect the drain assembly you should pay attention to this step. Making sure the device is level is essential so that you can ensure that proper draining occurs. To do this, take a level and place it on the unit.

If the dehumidifier is off-level, be sure to adjust the pre-installed leveling feet to achieve the perfect balance.


7) Become familiar with the AprilAire Dehumidifier Diagnostic Codes

Like a doctor can diagnose your condition when you come in for an emergency visit, your dehumidifier will supply codes to give you an idea of what’s wrong with it. Learning these codes or at least being familiar with them will help you troubleshoot issues.
Some of the diagnostic codes are as follows:

Code E1 – Internal Humidity or Temperature Sensor Failure

This code appears when your AprilAire dehumidifier has a faulty user interface.


Code E2 – High Refrigeration Pressure

This means you have an issue with the fan not operating efficiently because of an external obstruction.


Code E3 – Remote Control Communication Loss

If you see this code, then the remote humidistat and the dehumidifier are having trouble communicating.


Code E4 – Insufficient Capacity

An occurrence of this error means that the dehumidifier recognizes a difference between the temperature of the air coming in and the temperature of the refrigerated coil.


Code E5 – High-Temperature Thermistor Failure

A display of this code means that an internal temperature sensor has identified an undone or short circuit.

There are 10 diagnostic codes in all, and just in case you’re unable to recall them all, make sure you have a troubleshooting manual handy. Even if you’re unable to take care of the problem yourself, it will better assist you in detailing the problem to your repairman.

AprilAire Dehumidifier Diagnostics Codes


8) Use proper tools and ensure every screw is secured.

Any noise coming from your dehumidifier could be because the screws weren’t secured upon installation. A loose screw can damage parts of the device, so it’s important to ensure this step is properly completed.

Make sure that you use the proper tools during this process. A good screwdriver, a small flathead screwdriver, nose pliers, and a level are all recommended items.

If you find that it is noisy, unplug the dehumidifier. Examine the screws on the front grille. Pay attention to the screws that are around the fan motor housing as well. If the noise continues, check the fan for any other possible blockages.


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Beating the heat and avoiding extra costs

To sum it up, the benefits of having a dehumidifier during the summer can’t be beaten – but you should be mindful of these things if you decide to self-install. Verifying your device, reading all instructions, taking your time, and using the right tools are just some of the essential tips you should be conscious of.

If you’re a visual, determined do-it-yourselfer, sometimes it’s best to just go to the source if you have any issues. AprilAire is a great company with many resources that can help you complete the job, such as this installation video.


However, if you have any questions or doubts about doing this process manually, it’s probably best to get it done professionally. Not only will it save you the headache of having to figure this out, but it could also possibly save you money.

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