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Are Minerals Considered Organic Or Inorganic Nutrients?

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Today, there are debates regarding the issue of whether or not minerals are considered as organic or inorganic. There is various information available. Also, there are too many opinions on the issue as to the best sources of dietary minerals. And depending on the article you read, you can sometimes get conflicting ideas regarding the matter.

You can read opinions that state that the rock sourced materials cannot be used by the body. Some say that it is also dangerous. With the confusion and the discrepancies with these opinions, it is important to put logic on this debate.

As such, this article will provide the information you need in determining if minerals are organic or inorganic nutrients. We will also tackle what are its benefits to our health. Finally, we will discuss what the best forms for of supplements must be used by human beings.


In addressing the issue, it is first important to define what organic means. In this context, organic means that the element is bonded to a carbon atom. This carbon atom is an inorganic element. All living things are carbon-based. As such, if an element is bonded to carbon, it becomes more usable and bioavailable by a living organism.


When the chemical composition of a mineral is inorganic, it means that it does not contain any carbon. It means that it cannot bring life to cells and it was never living.

Our body treats these metals just like toxins. They are tightly bonded together and they cannot be broken easily. The electrons spin counterclockwise which is out of sync with the body.

The Differences of Organic and Inorganic in Mineral Forms

Today, many people understand that the body must have minerals to attain its work and preserve the healthy condition. However, only a few realize that these minerals must be organic to bring us any good.

Those minerals that exist in the water and soil are inorganic. According to studies, inorganic minerals are injurious to the animals and can be useless.

Meanwhile, minerals that exist in animals and plants are organic. Animals rely on plants or plant-eating animals to have organic minerals in their bodies. Amazingly, only plants can convert inorganic minerals into organic minerals.

The Beginning of the Organic and Inorganic Mineral Confusion

The nutritionists at earlier times have confusions regarding the organic and inorganic minerals. This is because the two have similar chemical compositions. For example, the mineral and iron in the bloodstream have a similar chemical composition with mineral and iron as a nail. After all, iron is iron.

Furthermore, they contend that there were no other differences between the two. But as a matter of fact, there were iron mineral supplements that contain surplus powdered nails.

These nutritionists in the past made an error in their reasoning. They assumed that since there has a chemical similarity in the minerals, there is also a nutritive similarity between the inorganic and organic minerals.

Yes, it is true that the minerals found in the human body are the same in the water and soil. But it is wrong to say that the minerals in the soil can be used as food for human beings. We do not eat soil but we do eat plants.

As such, the minerals in the soil must be elaborated into organic compounds by the plant. This is an essential process before we introduce it to our bodies. The different mineral compounds produced by the chemist vary in their structure and positions. These are different from the ones produced by the plants.

Around 60 years ago, Dr. Emil Abderhalden conducted various experiments that compares how different species absorbed different forms of iron. In his studies, he found out that those animals with poor iron consumption plus inorganic iron were unable to produce hemoglobin in the long run. Unlike those animals with sufficient natural iron diet, these animals are poor in health.

It is true that the inorganic iron can still be absorbed by the body. However, it will not be used in the creation of hemoglobin. Furthermore, it will remain unused inside the body tissues. Dr. Abderhalden also said that if there is any benefit to the use of inorganic iron in the body, it can be due to its stimulating effect.

When we refer to its chemical composition, the iron in nails and the bloodstream are the same. The calcium in bones and rocks are identical.

However, it is not correct to assume that the body can assimilate and digest the crushed rocks and the powdered nails.

Mineral Supplements

The idea of transforming the inorganic minerals as remedies and food started with Dr. Julius Hensel. Thereafter, many homeopaths expanded his theory. They made various artificial mineral preparations, one of which is the cell salts. This is still sold today as a cure for mineral deficiencies.

There are many mineral supplements that exist in the market today. However, these supplements are useless in the body.

These mineral supplements do not bring any benefits to the body because they are all fragmented and inorganic.

Since the mineral supplements are inorganic, our bodies cannot use or assimilate them. As a matter of fact, our body is required to work harder for the imbalance created with the ingestion of these supplements. The body now accelerates to eliminate it. It works harder than it is to expel these foreign substances.

Such stimulation is mistaken as the beneficial action done by the supplement. But in reality, the supplements can be harmful. They are inanimate substances and they are incapable of acting to be beneficial to the body.

Consumers are becoming aware of the differences between inorganic and organic minerals. The same is true with the producers of these supplements. As such, there are now mineral supplements which are said to come from the organic sources. However, these are still useless for the body. They exist in a fragmented state and they are extracted from the sources which they occur naturally.

In addition, minerals do not work separately. When you extract it from their natural resources, the other enzymes and minerals are not extracted too. Even if you have possibly done it, the process will destroy any essential benefits that are included with the minerals.

Remember, minerals must be consumed in their organic, natural, and unfragmented state to be beneficial for the body. The best supplements are those that come from mineral-rich foods. This must be in their unprocessed state just like the nuts, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

Mineral Water

Just like the mineral supplements, the mineral waters cannot give any minerals to the body. The minerals in the said waters are known as inorganic and they must be flushed out from the body. If there is an excess of these inorganic minerals consumed in the water, the body will have difficulty getting rid of it. It can also be deposited within the body.

The inorganic mineral deposits in the body can possibly lead to gallstone and kidney stone formation. It can also possibly lead to arthritis, hardening of the arteries, heart trouble, ossification of the brain, and other diseases.

The mineral matter combines with cholesterol which forms plaques. Ultimately, the plaques lead to cardiovascular problems. It can go together with the uric acid and lead to rheumatic and arthritic complaints.

The cells in the body can only use the pure and distilled water. This is available in the fruits, plants, and other water sources. The body rejects all types of inorganic minerals which are consumed in processed waters.

Furthermore, when you drink the mineral waters, leukocytosis can possibly occur from 30 minutes to 3 hours after drinking. Leukocytosis is the increase of the white blood cells, especially during an infection. These are considered as the body’s first line of defense versus foreign or harmful substances, which in this case are the inorganic minerals from the water.

The mineral waters we buy from the market cannot give the body with needed elements other than the water itself. The other inorganic minerals can be eliminated to the body via the kidney, skin, and others. On the other hand, if it is not flushed out of the body, it can get deposited and cause harm in the long run.

The sea water is the richest mineral water. However, it is not advised to drink it since it is poisonous. All other mineralized waters are contaminated and dirty. It contains inorganic matter and pathogens which are harmful to the body.

The Berkey Water Filter System

As discussed, the inorganic minerals found in your water cannot be utilized by the body. As such, it is best to drink water which is pure and distilled. One of the best methods to have this type of water is through the use of the Berkey Water Filter System.

We have seven various models of the Berkey Water Filter System. We use the Black Berkey Purification Element to provide clean and clear water for the family. The products that we have can be used inside the home and anywhere you go. Furthermore, interested customers can also use this during emergencies.

Here is a list of the products that we have at the Berkey:

The Berkey Water filters have been tested and proven to remove pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fluoride up to 99.9%. It can eliminate the coliform, e-Coli, and heavy metals on your water. Furthermore, each family is assured that their water is safe from harmful pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and petroleum contaminants. Indeed, there is no other gravity water filter in the market that can protect your family like how the Berkey Water Filter Systems do.

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Transforming the Inorganic Minerals

When the plants are in their embryonic state, they cannot use the inorganic minerals in the soil. They feed on the organic compounds which are found in their seed. As soon as the leaves and the roots grow, a plant can now use the inorganic minerals available in the soil.

The transformation of the inorganic to organic matter takes place at plants. It happens at the leaves of the plants through a process called as ‘photosynthesis.’ With the presence of the chlorophyll, the plant can now utilize the organic carbon molecule. Then, it will convert the oxygen and hydrogen into the organic combinations of sugar and starch.

Thereafter, the plant adds the nitrogen plus the various minerals available in the soil to create a more complex organic combination. Only plants with chlorophyll have the ability to integrate calcium, iron, and other minerals from the soil. It uses this combination to create nucleo-proteins.

There are many changes that happen in the minerals as they pass in the parts of the plants. These changes cannot be separated by processes done inside the laboratory. This is because it destroys the living plant tissues that analyze them. These crude methods of studying the role of organic minerals are similar to the old practice of dissecting bodies to look for evidence of the human soul.


Over the years, the concept of mineral delivery has been refined up to the point where we can begin to optimize the essential elements in our body. Today, many people recognize that the majority of the disease can be traced to an imbalance in the essential minerals. There is an excessive level or deficiency for some people.

Since the Stone Age, we have gone a long way of our quest. Now, we still have a long way to go to understand mineral knowledge and how it relates particularly in optimal health.

In this regard, it is best to understand each resource without bias. With this, we can avoid jumping into conclusions about the gifts of Mother Nature and its ability to keep us going in this world. is a replacement water and air filter company located in the United States. The views and opinions contained herein are solely those of the original author and do not represent Eco Blue Life or its affiliates. This article was originally published on  
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