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Common Refrigerator Filter Problems Explained

By September 16, 2019November 29th, 2020No Comments

Changing your refrigerator water filter is easy but can come with a set of challenges. We’ve done some research and pulled together a list of common issues that can arise when replacing your refrigerator water filter and how you can troubleshoot each one.

Have some troubleshooting tips for changing your refrigerator filter that you’d like to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments below. Did we miss something? Let us know and we’ll gladly add it in!

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Common Installation Mistakes

Here are a few common installation mistakes that could cause the installation of your new filter to go less than smoothly:

  1. Protective caps not removed from your new filter. Prior to installing your new refrigerator filter, remember to remove any protective caps from it.
  2. Failure to flush the filter. Many forget to do this, but it should never be forgotten. You can find out how and why to flush your filter here.
  3. For base-grill filters, don’t throw away the reusable knob, you may need it later!

Concluded that the common problems listed above aren’t the problem? It’s time to troubleshoot!

Refrigerator not dispensing water after replacing the filter

If this happens, then the water filter is most likely not snapped in all the way. If you feel that it is, and you’re still having issues, it could be the water valve leading to the refrigerator. To check, re-install the old filter. If water comes out of the old filter and not the new filter, then there is an installation problem with the new filter and not the water valve. If water does not come out of the old or new filter, then the problem is with the water valve.

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Small drip or leak after installing the filter

Remove the fridge filter and re-fit it into the refrigerator with a sharp twist to lock it into position.

Water Flow is Irregular

If this happens, there is likely still air in the lines. Press down the dispenser lever for 2 minutes until the water starts to flow freely.

Difficulty with removing or installing the filter

Sometimes all you need is a little extra force. For removal, the problem is sometimes pulling the filter down and out. Try rocking the filter sideways while pulling down, this should work. TIP: Remove the top shelf from the refrigerator as its sudden release could cause damage. For installation, apply more force and keep turning to lock into position.

Water tastes different

Refrigerator water filters cannot add anything to the taste of water as they only remove chemicals and contaminants from your water. The older the fridge filter is that you are replacing, the more likely you are to notice a taste difference as your drinking water is now under greater (and more effective) filtration.

Water filter appears to be clogged before it’s time to be replaced

Depending on your water quality and usage, your refrigerator water filter may not last the full 6-months (this is the industry recommended standard). If your water flow starts to slow, your filter could be clogged and will probably need to be replaced. Of course, if you have experienced a sudden drop in water quality (could be caused by several different factors/situations) it is best to determine exactly what is wrong by conducting a water test. You can do this yourself or ask your municipal water source supplier for that information.

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