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Do You Need a Humidifier for Your Baby?

By September 22, 2021No Comments

Having a sick baby is stressful, especially when they are too young for any medications, syrups, or drops. If your baby is suffering from a heavy cough or cold, a humidifier will help relieve any symptoms that your baby may have.

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A dad of a 9-month-old reached out to us asking for humidifier recommendations for his baby. Here is what he said:

My baby is 9 months old, and she is suffering from heavy cough and cold.

She doesn’t seem to be coughing the whole day, but when it comes, we couldn’t see her coughing as it is very high which is making her eyes roll with tears, and during nights she is having a stuffy nose while sleeping which is blocking the nasal’s (we could clearly hear the sound her nose is making). So, could you kindly suggest to me if a humidifier really helps her to get rid of these problems other than the medication (syrups and drops) been provided by the doctor?

Humidifiers are a more natural way to help relieve cough and cold symptoms in both babies and adults.

Humidifiers help add moisture back into the air. Having a humidifier in your home year-round is beneficial for two reasons:

  1. HVAC systems pull moisture out of your air throughout the year, regardless of the season or climate.
  2. During the winter months, there isn’t as much humidity in the air which makes the air much drier.

Warm-Mist vs. Cool-Mist Humidifier: Which is better?

Both cool-mist and warm-mist humidifiers are effective at humidifying the air which helps ease cold, cough, and flu symptoms. However, according to this article, cool-mist humidifiers are recommended for children for safety reasons. Hot water and steam used in warm-mist humidifiers can burn children if they get too close to the humidifier or if there is a spill.

If you are planning on putting a humidifier in a young child’s room, a cool-mist humidifier is recommended.

The baby looks at the humidifier. Moisture in the home healthy air concept

Best humidifier for baby

Here are a few humidifiers we recommend for children.

Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Good for rooms up to 250 square feet.

The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is specifically designed to provide relief from dry skin and symptoms associated with coughs, colds, and even the flu. This humidifier runs quietly and is energy efficient, providing humidity for nearly 12 hours. Its mist output can be regulated, and the adjustable mister can be positioned to point the mist in the desired direction.

This model is recommended for children’s rooms and nurseries to assist with breathing during cold and flu season. It can also help protect against dry skin, chapped lips, nose bleeds, and other problems related to poor humidity.

crane ultrasonic cool mist humidifier safe for kids






Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Drop Shape

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Surprise and delight your child with fun, kid-friendly humidifier designs! We offer a variety of cute character ultrasonic humidifiers that your child will love!

crane elephant humidifier
Choose from an owl humidifier, frog humidifier, elephant humidifier, Hello Kitty humidifier, and more!

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Honeywell UV Cool Moisture Germ-Free Humidifier

Good for larger rooms 500-800 square feet.

The Honeywell UV Cool Moisture Germ-Free Humidifier emits a soothing, cool mist to help relieve cold, cough, and flu symptoms. It also comes equipped with UV technology to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, mold, fungus, and viruses in the water. Plus, it’s designed with a larger tank allowing it to output moisture for 24 hours. The large, removable water tank is also dishwasher-safe which makes it easy to clean!




Honeywell UV Cool Moisture Germ-Free Humidifier

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Humidifier Tips & Tricks

Humidifiers can provide relief for skin and breathing symptoms, but if they are not used or maintained properly, they can do more harm than good. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when using a humidifier in your home.

  • Use distilled water.

Using distilled water to fill your humidifier is necessary because distilled water has less mineral content than regular tap water. Mineral dust can further irritate you and your baby’s respiratory system.

  • Check humidity levels.

The ideal humidity level in your home should be between 30%-60%. Low humidity can be bad for your health, too much humidity can be too. When using a humidifier in your home, make sure that the humidity level in your home stays between 30% and 60%. Too much humidity can bread mold and bacteria and can make you and your family very sick.

  • Keep it clean.

If a humidifier has a dirty tank or filter, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. This can cause problems for those with asthma and allergies and can even trigger flu-like symptoms or even lung infections.

Change humidifier water often to prevent films or deposits from developing. It is recommended that humidifiers be cleaned every 3 days. When cleaning your humidifier make sure you drain all of the water and wipe it clean.

Family bonding time.

Looking for an easier way to keep your humidifier clean? We carry some great products that can help keep your humidifier tank clean. Check them out!

Protec Humidifier Cleaning Balls

Keep your humidifier clean for up to 30 days with Protec Humidifier Cleaning Balls. These humidifier cleaner balls contain no harmful chemicals and will reduce the growth and buildup of bacteria, mold, algae, fungus, and slime.






Protec Humidifier Cleaning Ball

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Protec Anti-microbial Humidifier Tank Cleaning Fish

This humidifier tank cleaning fish features patented anti-microbial, Aquastat, that will help keep your humidifier clean. This humidifier accessory will kill up to 99% of odor-causing bacteria and ensure that your humidifier’s water stays clean and fresh.

protec humidifier cleaning fish




Protec Humidifier Cleaning Fish

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When properly used and taken care of, a humidifier can be a great addition to a baby’s nursery or child’s room. A humidifier will help relieve cough and cold symptoms. If you have any questions or would like any additional recommendations, please feel free to share them with us in the comments!

Disclaimer: Humidifiers should not be used as a replacement for cold/flu treatments. Please contact their pediatrician immediately if they are experiencing any health issues. is a replacement water and air filter company located in the United States. The views and opinions contained herein are solely those of the original author and do not represent Eco Blue Life or its affiliates. This article was originally published on  
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