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Does Double Masking Help?

By February 19, 2021No Comments

At, it’s our mission to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to live a healthier life, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please be aware that all claims made in the blog are from trustworthy sources and is intended to help inform you so that you can make the best possible decisions for you and your family.

group of young people with masks on touching elbows

It’s been almost a year since coronavirus changed the way we live. Masks are an additional step that we can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Recently, the CDC conducted several experiments to assess methods that improve mask performance. One of the methods that they tested was the effectiveness of wearing two masks. This begs the question, “Does double masking help against COVID?”

According to the January 2021 CDC study, wearing double masks or a single fitting mask more closely on the face can substantially reduce your risk of infection with coronavirus. [Source]

The experiments found that wearing a three-ply cloth mask over a three-ply medical or surgical mask will block 92.5% of particles from a cough, and a single surgical mask only blocked 42% of the particles, while cloth masks block 44.3%.

Medical and engineering experts recommend upgrading your masks especially since new variants of the coronavirus are spreading around the US and some are significantly more transmissible. The information found in doing these experiments are not intended to change any current recommendations about wearing a mask, but to “provide new information on why wearing a well-fitting mask is so important to protect you and others,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said during a recent White House briefing. [Source]

The CDC’s recommendations have generally focused on cloth masks because of a previous shortage of surgical masks and N95 respirator masks for health-care personnel. But since supply has improved, the CDC’s goal is to provide more information about the pros and cons of different masks so that you, the consumer, can make more informed choices about what you want to use. The agency still does not recommend that consumers wear N95 respirators. [Source]

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the following to improve how your mask protects you:

  • Make sure your mask fits snugly against your face.
    • Do:
      • Choose a mask with a nose wire.
      • Check for gaps between your face and the mask.
  • Pick a mask with layers to keep your respiratory droplets in and others out.
    • Do:
      • Use a cloth mask with multiple layers of fabric.
      • Wear a disposable mask underneath a cloth mask.
        • The second mask should push the edges of the inner mask against your face.
    • Don’t:
      • Combine two disposable masks.
      • Don’t combine a KN95 mask with any other mask.
        • Only use one KN95 mask at a time.


RZ Respirator Masks

RZ Particulate Respirator Masks are comfortable, reusable, and effective. RZ Facemasks, when paired with an RZ Mask F1 Activated Carbon Replacement Filter, comply with N95 and N99 NIOSH standards and prevent 99.9% of allergens, dust, dirt, and other air particles from entering your lungs and nasal passages. This high-quality mask is available in three different sizes and includes an adjustable nose wire and an adjustable Velcro strap that goes under the ears to ensure a snug and secure fit each time you wear it.

Meets the following CDC mask recommendations:

  • Has a nose wire
  • Fits securely
  • Reusable

double mask with cloth mask and RZ mask double mask with cloth mask and RZ mask side view

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Don’t forget your valve caps! RZ Masks were around long before the pandemic and were designed for recreational dirt biking, woodworking, working outside, and any other tasks that can expose people to particles that they do not want to inhale. The CDC recommends that masks with valves not be worn since they are designed to protect the wearer and are not guaranteed to stop the spread of virus-carrying particles. Some states and counties in the US have even restricted masks with valves during the ongoing pandemic. The RZ Mask Valve Caps are the answer to these restrictions. Simply replace the existing one-way exhalation valves with these caps for ultimate protection. These caps will stop air from passing through and will force your exhaled breath back through the filter of your mask.

rz mask with valve caps

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RZ Mask Exhalation Valve Caps

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RZ Disposable Masks is proud to offer impressively effective single-use masks. These disposable face masks can effectively filter 95% of airborne particles and feature a padded nose clip that you can adjust for a more secure fit. These latex-free and hypoallergenic face masks conform to NIOSH N95 standards and come with a double elastic strap closure which helps keep your mask secure and comfortable.

Meets the following CDC mask recommendations:

  • Has a nose wire
  • Fits securely
  • Disposable
  • Meet NOISH N95 standards


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Looking for other ways to increase the effectiveness of your cloth mask? Try our MERV 13 Facemask Filters. These highly effective mask filters are made from the same media as our Brand MERV 13 air filters and are proven to capture dust, pollen, and fumes. These mask filters are compatible with cloth masks that have filter pockets and can even be worn in between your face and your mask, increasing the layers between your cloth mask and your face.

Meets the following CDC mask recommendations:

  • Multiple layers

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Are you interested in finding out more about products that can help you create a healthier environment in your home? Check out our wide selection of COVID-19 safety products.

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