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East Palestine Disaster – Water Filtration Concerns

By February 24, 2023No Comments

east palestine disaster water filtration concerns

Recently, the East Palestine disaster has caused concern amongst the whole nation when it comes to water filtration. Just to recap, on February 3, 2023, a train operated by Norfolk Southern overturned near East Palestine, causing a large fire and a spill of various types of toxic chemicals.

Unfortunately, these chemicals have found their way into 1.1 million gallons of Ohio’s well water supply, raising questions about how families can protect themselves more efficiently.

First and foremost, always recommends adhering to the guides set by your local, state, and federal officials about safe drinking water and any precautions that should be taken. Regarding in-home filtration for drinking and cooking, a reverse osmosis system is generally considered one of the most thorough and efficient water filtration options available. Reverse osmosis systems are point-of-use systems that are installed under a kitchen sink.  They cannot be used as a whole-house filtration system. 

A reverse osmosis system will reduce most contaminants (including vinyl chloride); however, it has not been proven to reduce ALL contaminants specific to this unfortunate situation. For anyone looking for a reverse osmosis system, we currently have the PUREVALUE 5EZ50 system readily available.

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Bottled water for consumption is a safe option until your local government has advised otherwise. Our hearts go out to residents affected by the East Palestine disaster. If you have any questions about water filtration, please contact us through social media, e-mail, or phone.

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