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Fall Favorites: Summit Disposer Care Garbage Disposal Cleaner

By November 20, 2019November 29th, 2020No Comments

Garbage disposal starting to stink? Get rid of build-up and odors in your sink with the Summit Disposer Care Garbage Disposal Cleaner! These amazing garbage disposal cleaning packets feature a bleach alternative that can remove tough build-up that home remedies cannot. These lemon-scented cleaning packets go to work to reduce and remove tough food build-up and odors that can get lodged in your kitchen sink’s drain.

Use them weekly to prevent drain build-up and smells! Don’t worry, each Summit garbage disposal packet is safe for septic systems and doesn’t contain phosphates, so you can use them with confidence!

Cleaning your garbage disposal has never been easier with these convenient sink cleaning packets. Don’t wait, order yours today! Click here to purchase.

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