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How to Rid Fluoride from Water

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Why is fluoride in water?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in rocks and soil. In the early 1900s, scientists linked fluoride to preventing tooth decay. It was discovered that public water systems with naturally occurring fluoride had lower rates of cavities.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, was the first community in the United States to add it to its water supply. Lower rates of schoolchildren with cavities. The news spread and other towns and cities followed suit. The CDC even named adding fluoride to public water supplies one of the ten greatest health achievements of the 20th century.

However, in 2015, it was found that while community water fluoridation was effective for reducing tooth decay among children, “no studies aimed to determine the effectiveness of water fluoridation for preventing caries [cavities] in adults met the review’s inclusion criteria.”

Young woman pointing at teeth

Is fluoride bad for you?

High levels of fluoride can be dangerous. Excessive amounts can cause dental fluorosis, which causes tooth enamel to have white spots, staining, and pitting.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drinking fluoridated water is safe when it is naturally present or added in the correct amounts.

Is my water fluoridated?

You can research by state, county, and water system using the CDC’s My Water’s Fluoride. You can also contact your local water supplier to inquire about water quality.

The ITS eXact Micro 7+ Standard Photometer Kit will allow you to test for 26 parameters. To test for fluoride in drinking water, you’ll want to add the Fluoride Test Strips for eXact Micro 7+ Photometer to your cart.

fluoride water test




Fluoride ITS Test Strips eXact Micro 7+ Photometer

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Does reverse osmosis remove fluoride?

Reverse osmosis is one of the most advanced water filtration systems available today. Its use of a semipermeable membrane reduces fluoride by 85-92%.

Applied Membranes Reverse Osmosis Membrane

If you’re looking for an RO membrane for your existing Applied Membranes, Inc AAA-125, AAA-125P, AAA-126UV RainSoft TFC-RS12-10 or EcoWater ERO-300 system that will reduce fluoride, this replacement filter is the perfect fit.



Applied Membranes M-T1512A12 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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How do you remove fluoride from water?

Filters Fast offers a few different filter options. Please note that the filters we have listed require a compatible water filtration device or system for proper use.

Mother and her toddler filling a glass with filtered water right from the tap

Invigorated Water Alkaline Water Filter Cartridges

This multi-stage filter removes chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and other small particles from the water it filters. It also raises the water’s pH and adds beneficial minerals, improving taste and smell.

Compatible with the PH RESTORE 118-oz Water Filter Pitcher, PH RESTORE Glass Water Filter Pitcher, PH REFRESH water filter pitcher, PH RECHARGE countertop water dispenser, PH RECHARGE Glass Alkaline Water Filter Ionizer System, and PH RECHARGE-1F Alkaline Filtration System.

Graphic showing inside Invigorated Water Alkaline Filter





PH001 Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge Single Filter

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PH001 Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge 3-Pack 

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Doulton Fluoride Water Filter Candle 

This water filter candle effectively reduces fluoride using activated alumina. It is for use in Doulton DUO & TRIO Water Filter Systems or 10″ and 20″ standard housings.

doulton filter candle



Doulton Fluoride CN-A2 Water Filter Candle

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Aries Bone Char Fluoride Reduction Filters

Each Aries Fluoride Reduction Filter is FDA-approved and uses 100% bone char to reduce fluoride, radioactive isotopes, heavy metals, and chlorine in water.

aries filter works logo

Use the AF-20-1091 for 20″ Standard or Slimline Housings.

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Use the AF-10-1091-BB for 10″ Big Blue Housings.

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Use the AF-20-1091-BB for 20″ Big Blue Housings.

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Use the AF-20-3690-BB for standard, residential, and industrial-sized housings.

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Use AF-10-1091 for 10″ Standard or Slimline Housings.

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Use the AF-20-3690 Defluoridation Water Filter for 20″ Standard and Slimline Housings

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AquaCera Replacement Water Filters

The AquaCera line is NSF 42 and 53-certified and can be used interchangeably with Doulton Water Filters. It will reduce fluoride and many other contaminants by 98%.

aquacera doulton compatible



FC-AMB9S Replacement for Doulton W9125030 and Doulton W9410207

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CeraMextix Imperial Ceramic Filter





CeraMetix-GF 7” Imperial Ceramic Filter for AquaCera LP-5 and SS-4 Gravity Filters and Doulton LP-2 and SS-2 Gravity Filters

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Sentry Wellness Carbon Block Replacement Filters

Get reverse osmosis level filtration without waste! Designed to be used with the Sentry Wellness System 2-Stage Under Sink System, this filter pack features a magnesium-coated activated catalytic carbon block filter with CT resin to soften water without salt and neutralize soft and hard scales, phosphates, chloride, fluoride, and more while also improving the taste of your water. The Trappsorb media will trap and eliminate contaminants, including ammonia and phosphorous.

Sentry Wellness Replacement Filters




Sentry Wellness Carbon Block Replacement Filters

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If you’re concerned about the fluoride level of your home’s water, it is best to take the proper precautions to ensure your water is safe.

Making the best decision for you and your family is paramount, and is here to help you along the way – equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to live a happier, healthier life.

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