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How to Save Money on Your Home’s Water Filters

By February 2, 2022No Comments

In the United States, many of us get our water from a municipal water treatment plant or from a well. While some aesthetic contaminants are easier to see or smell, some are not.

Chlorine taste and smell in water are a very common concern for many people who have city water. Chlorine is added to water treated at municipal water plants to help disinfect the water. Chlorine kills disease-causing germs like Salmonella, Campylobacter, and norovirus.

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If the chlorine/chloramine levels do not exceed 4 milligrams per liter, your water is perfectly safe to drink. At the time we wrote this blog post, there were no known harmful health effects of ingesting water treated with chlorine. However, if your tap water has a strong taste or smells of chlorine, this may be an undesirable aesthetic of your water that you might want to get rid of.


Test Your Water

Not sure what’s in your water? We recommend testing your water before purchasing a filtration system for your home.

This Watersafe WS-425W Home Water Test Kit can be used to test both city water and well water and will give you immediate results. This test checks for the most common contaminants found in water, including lead, iron, and chlorine.

watersafe well water test







Watersafe Home Water Test Kit

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What to Look For

If reducing chlorine in your water is your main priority when it comes to water filtration, look for the NSF42 certification on any water filter you buy. The NSF42 certification ensures that the filter is designed to reduce specific aesthetic or non-health-related contaminants, such as chlorine taste and odor, and particulates, that may be present in public or private drinking water.

Pay Less Without Compromising Quality

Tired of paying so much for your replacement water filters? Having great-tasting, purified water in your home shouldn’t have to cost so much!
Are you looking for a water filtration system for your home or business? Have you already invested in a 3M Aqua-Pure Water Filtration System? At, we offer affordable filter replacement cartridges that are designed to be compatible Aqua-Pure filters with your 3M Aqua-Pure System.

Our PureH2O Water Filters are certified NSF42, fit easily, and cost less than the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s) water filters.

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Aqua-Pure Solutions

PureH2O PHWF-80/90 Replacement for Aqua-Pure APDW80/90

Ensure you always have clean and fresh water to drink with the PureH2O PHWF-80/90 Replacement for Aqua-Pure APDW80/90. It’s designed with coconut carbon media which will remove chlorine and other aesthetic contaminants. Plus, it also removes turbidity which will leave your water clear and visually appealing. Give yourself the best water quality possible with this high-quality water filter.

This high-quality filter is compatible with Aqua-Pure AP-DWS1000 and Aqua-Pure AP-DWS1000LF Systems.

pureH2O phwf80/90 water filter




PureH2O PHWF-80/90

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PureH2O PHUS-006 Replacement for Aqua-Pure AP517
You deserve great-tasting water and the PureH2O PHUS-006 makes it easy! This high-quality compatible water filter is made with coconut carbon media to ensure it removes chlorine and other potentially harmful contaminants from your water. You also won’t have to worry about turbidity because this filter will leave your water clear and visually appealing. Have best-tasting water without breaking the bank with this Aqua-Pure compatible water filter!

This high-quality filter is compatible with the AP510 Aqua-Pure Water Filtration System.

pureh2O phus006 water filter




PureH2O PHUS-006

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PureH2O PHRO-706 Replacement for Aqua-Pure AP5527 – 2-Pack
Offered in a convenient 2-pack, the PureH2O PHRO-706 will provide you with clean and fresh, filtered water. It’s made with coconut carbon media so it will remove chlorine and other contaminants in your water. Plus, it will leave your water clean and clear too!

This high-quality water filter is compatible with the Aqua-Pure RO5500 Water Filtration System.

pureh2O phro706 water filter




PureH2O PHRO-706

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PureH2O PHWF-CYST Replacement for Aqua-Pure C-Cyst-FF
Tire of paying way too much to have great-tasting water? Give the PureH2O PHWF-CYST a try! This coconut carbon water filter will remove chlorine and other contaminants and remove turbidity too! Enjoy clear, great-tasting water when you choose this high-quality filter.

This high-quality water filter is compatible with the Aqua-Pure Easy Cyst-FF Water Filtration System.

pureh2O phwf-cyst water filter





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PureH2O PHWF-C-CS Replacement for Aqua-Pure C-CS-FF
Want better water quality? Check out the PureH2O PHWF-C-CS. This coconut carbon media filter will remove chlorine and other contaminants from your water and will eliminate turbidity too. Have better tasting and better-looking water with this high-quality compatible filter.

This high-quality water filter replacement is compatible with the AP Easy CS-FF Undersink Filtration System and the WHCF-SUF System by Whirlpool.

pureh2O phwf-c-cs water filter







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When it comes to better tasting and better-looking drinking water, we’ve got you covered. Trust for your compatible 3M Aqua-Pure Water Filters and other home filtration needs today!

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