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How well does your state monitor water quality?

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How well does your state monitor your water quality? If you live in America, you may not think twice about your water because you assume it’s clean and safe. Have you ever considered what’s in your water or how it’s regulated? If so, read on.

In 1948, the Federal Water Pollution Act was created. After being amended and expanded in 1972, it became known as The Clean Water Act. It established an essential structure for regulating the discharge of pollutants into the waters of the United States and the quality standards of surface waters. The Environmental Protection Agency has implemented pollution control programs and developed national water quality criteria for pollutants in surface waters.

So, what does this mean to you?

The water that comes through the faucet in your home comes from either a municipal water facility or a private well, and that water must come from somewhere, right? Where water comes from is called source water, a body of water. Bodies of water are considered rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs, springs, and groundwater. According to the CDC, U.S. tap water comes from surface or groundwater.

The Clean Water Act helps protect surface water or groundwater sources, and the EPA approves and sets water quality standards for states to follow to ensure that you have clean water straight to your tap.

Young woman drinking water at home considering the sate of her water quality

The State of Water Quality

However, a 2016 report by the Izaak Walton League of America rated how well each state monitors its water quality – and the results weren’t good.

Over half the states received D or F grades, including New York, North Carolina, and Michigan. Virginia did the best, receiving a grade of a B. Other states, such as California, received a C+, while Florida received a B-.

Each state’s water was judged by six categories: water quality standards, frequency of sampling, transparency, age of data, site-specific information, and volunteer engagement.

This report made it clear that every state showed room for improvement regarding transparency. Many states (such as North Carolina) tested positive for contaminants such as mercury, toxic metals, and PCBs (a probable carcinogen).

While it’s been quite a few years since the report came out, and we hope things have improved, it’s more important that you don’t guess your water quality.

Every local water supply must provide its customers with an annual report known as the Consumer Confidence Report. This report will provide information on your local drinking water quality, contaminants found in the water, and more. To find your CCR, click here.

Scientist examining river water and collecting sample to test water quality

Put your water quality to the test

Did you know? Public water suppliers are only responsible for the water until it reaches the water service lateral to your house. From there to your tap, it’s your responsibility.

Our recommendation? Test your water. offers many water test kits to help identify the issues in your household water quality, so you will know how to treat your water correctly.

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In addition to testing your water, make sure you are regularly replacing your refrigerator water filter. Fridge water filters should be replaced every six months.

If you do not have a refrigerator with a water dispenser and are wondering how to find the best water filtration system for your home? We’re here to help.

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Once you’ve figured out which system is right for you will find a wide selection of options ranging from whole home filters to reverse osmosis filters on We have many different filtration options for you, your family, or your business.

Though the grades given to many states by the Izaak Walton League of America were troublesome, there is a silver lining: filtration. Water filters act as a last line of defense between you and over 1,000 known contaminants. Don’t be left without it.

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