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Humidifier Filters: The Heart of Your Humidifier

By November 10, 2022No Comments

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Humidifiers bring so many benefits, especially in fall weather and leading into the winter. These range from soothing symptoms caused by dry indoor air to easing troublesome respiratory issues. However, none of these benefits are possible without humidifier filters.

What is a humidifier filter?

The filter is the core of the humidifier and the heart of what makes it so effective. Its purpose is to absorb moisture in the air. Humidifier filters are also known as water filters, water panels, or evaporator pads.

Usually, they are made of an aluminum honeycomb mesh coated with clay. The honeycomb mesh is very effective at absorbing moisture, but it also wears down over time. To keep the humidifier pumping clean air strong, you’ll need to change the filter consistently.


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What are the benefits of changing your filter?

Replacing your humidifier filter ensures that the air that passes through the filter will be clean. If you allow your filter to accumulate dust, then part of those particles will be passed along, defeating the filter’s purpose.

Changing your filter will also allow your unit to continue to operate at maximum efficiency. Those same dust particles mentioned earlier will eventually bog down your humidifier, hindering its ability. This leaves you open to dangerous conditions that promote unhealthy symptoms such as itchy eyes, throat irritation, flu, cold, and more.

Indoor air quality is something that a lot of people look over but inherently desire. To keep high-quality air levels inside your home, maintaining a consistent changing cycle for your humidifier filters is a must!

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How to change your humidifier filter?

Changing your filter is relatively easy, so let’s list the general steps for your convenience. Please note that different types of models of humidifiers may need different steps. To best complete this task, it’s recommended to locate your model’s manual.

Step One – Turn the power off to your humidifier unit.

Safety is important! If it’s been a while since you’ve replaced the filter, it’s very likely that it is dusty. Inhaling those particles could be detrimental, so be careful.

Step Two – Remove the humidifier’s cover.

Humidifier models vary, so it’s possible that the cover could have an additional locking mechanism. Grip them simultaneously and pull the cover off. Also depending on your make, you may need to close the damper or remove the water tank.

Step Three – Remove the filter.

The filter should be the first noticeable thing you see once you’ve removed the cover. Grab the filter and discard it. It’s recommended that you use gloves if it’s been a while since you’ve replaced the filter, it’s likely to be covered in dust among other dangerous contaminants that have been absorbed.

Step Four – Change the filter.

Finally! We’re almost back at home base. Wipe down the containment area with a cleaning solution and be careful to avoid any electrical parts. Take your replacement humidifier filter and insert it into the housing.

Step Five – Reassemble the Humidifier

Once the filter has been correctly placed, reattach the cover and make sure it’s secure. Turn the power back on and ensure that the humidifier is working properly.

If you’re searching for great replacement humidifier filters, start by looking for your humidifier brand.

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How often should you change your filter?

It’s most recommended that you change your humidifier filter every six months to a year. This could vary depending on how much your filter is being used. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on it during the winter months to make sure you’re in the clear.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to change your humidifier filters. Luckily, our Home Filter Club Program aims to help you make it simple. To enroll, just sign up, select your delivery frequency, and kick back while we work!

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