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Is My Water Really Clean?

By November 12, 2021No Comments

In the United States, public water systems are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are delegated to states and tribes to provide drinking water to 90% of Americans. It is estimated that the remainder of the population gets their drinking water from private wells. Private wells are not regulated by the EPA.

A public water system’s purpose is to provide water for human consumption through pipes or other conveyances. At the time we wrote this blog post, the United States water supply consisted of 148,000 public water systems.

How do I know my water is safe to drink?

The Safe Water Drinking Act is the main federal law that ensures that Americans have clean drinking water. In fact, the United States has one of the world’s safest drinking water supplies. The EPA sets the clean drinking water standard and oversees the states, localities, and water suppliers that implement those standards.

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One thing that you should know is that the EPA sets the standard for the smallest amount of each contaminant that can be present in drinking water.

Certain contaminants, if consumed, may not show any immediate health effects, but can over time. This means that there may still be trace amounts of certain contaminants in your drinking water. The EPA does not set a standard for taste, which is why many Americans experience tap water that smells and tastes like chlorine. In some cases, tap water may even taste metallic.

Public water systems in the US are required to conduct regular water testing and disclose a water quality report to their customers. You can find out how your local water utility measures up by checking out the Consumer Confidence Report on the EPA’s website.

While public water systems are responsible for water treatment and making sure that your drinking water is safe, they are not responsible for making sure that it is safe all the way to the tap. Whose responsibility is that? Yours.

water_sewer_responsibilitiesPhoto credit: Dayton, Oregon Public Works

As you can see in the graphic above, it is the homeowner’s responsibility once the water reaches the water service lateral.
There are many factors that can affect your water quality once it reaches the water service lateral, here are just a few:

  • Sedimentation
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Runoff
  • Erosion
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Decayed organic materials
  • Pesticides
  • Toxic and hazardous substances
  • Oils, grease, and other chemicals
  • Litter
  • PFAS
  • And more!

If you’ve watched the news lately, we are hearing more and more cases where the quality of water is not safe enough for normal uses. Why? Human impact. Human actions are causing lots of toxic impacts on water quality. Currently, we are dealing with high amounts of PFAS and even lead in water sources around the United States.

The amount and quality of water that you drink are vital to your everyday health and wellness. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a water filtration system in your home to ensure your water is safe to drink at all times.

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Before investing in a water filtration system for your home, we recommend testing your tap water for contaminants. Water testing will help you find the water filtration system that best meets your needs.

Once you have tested your water and know what contaminants are in your water, it’s time to move to the next step: Selecting your water treatment system.

Here are a few products that we would recommend based on what drinking water contaminants you are trying to filter out.

Product Recommendations

Under Sink Filtration System:
The 3M Filtrete 3US-MAX-S01 Maximum Under Sink Filtration System makes it easy to have clean filtered water right at the tap! This easy-to-use water filtration system features 99% lead reduction and will reduce 99% of microbial cysts and 97% of chlorine taste and odor down to 0.5 microns of sand, sediment, rust, and soil.

It provides a superb water flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute and installs easily under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Ensure you have access to purified water in your home by investing in this system today!







3M Filtrete 3US-MAX-S01 Maximum Under Sink Filtration System

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Whole House Filtration System:
The Filtrete 3WH-HD-S01 Whole House System-Large Capacity is the perfect fit for your household! This large capacity whole house water filter system will protect your plumbing and appliances by reducing sand, sediment, rust, and silt. This system includes a pleated filter but is also easy to upgrade to a string wound, carbon wrap, or grooved filters to best fit your filtration needs. Protect your family and your biggest investment with this essential system today!




Filtrete 3WH-HD-S01 Whole House System Large Capacity

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System:
The 3M Aqua-Pure 3MRO301 Under Sink Water Filter System is a reverse osmosis Level 1 system and is a must-have for your home! It features a micron rating of 5 that allows it to reduce chlorine taste and odor, sediment/particulate, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, radium, selenium, turbidity, TDS, and lead. Its space-saving design allows it to fit under your sink and it comes with a dedicated faucet for ultimate convenience. Its filter cartridges are easy to install, and it has a shut-off valve that intuitively shuts off when the tank is full and refills when needed. Enjoy great-tasting, purified water for years to come with this easy-to-use RO system.

3M Aqua-Pure 3MRO301 Under Sink Water Filter System


3M Aqua-Pure 3MRO301 Under Sink Water Filter System

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There are many different types of water filtration systems to choose from, that is why it is so important to understand your water filtration needs before investing in a water filtration system.


We can’t stress enough about the importance of having a water filtration system for your home no matter where you live. While we shouldn’t have to wonder if the water that is coming into our homes is clean, having a water filtration system can offer you peace of mind that your water is safe and healthy. is your trusted source for the products you need to protect your home. If you have any questions or would like any additional recommendations for water filtration systems for your home, please share them with us! We’re happy to help! is a replacement water and air filter company located in the United States. The views and opinions contained herein are solely those of the original author and do not represent Eco Blue Life or its affiliates. This article was originally published on  
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