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Our Top 15 Back-to-School Tips

By July 29, 2019November 29th, 2020No Comments

As much as we want to fight it, summer will be coming to a close soon and school will resume. Are you and your family ready? If you’re like us and summer snuck up on you too, we’re here to help you survive the back-to-school madness with ease.

We’ve pulled together some tips, tricks and things you should do before going back to school.

Establish a school sleep routine a couple of weeks before school starts. Making sure your children are rested and ready for the day is a big part of having a successful day and school year.

Ease into the school year routine. Avoid first-day-of-school and the first week of school mayhem by practicing your morning routine a few days in advance. Set the alarm clock, go through your morning rituals, and get in the car or to the bus stop on time. Routines help children feel comfortable and establishing a solid school routine that will make the first day and the rest of the school year go much smoother.

Eat a balanced breakfast. Have your little ones been rolling out of bed just in time for lunch this summer? Don’t forget, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! If mornings are too hectic and breakfast is often forgotten, set their alarms a little earlier to ensure they have time to eat. Rather let them sleep? Prepare easy on-the-go breakfasts the night before so they can eat it on the way to school.

Pack a light backpack. This is a little-known tip that most parents don’t think about before sending their little ones off to school. Not only is the first day filled with jitters, but they’ll also be getting lots of books, papers, etc. Sending them to school with only the essentials is ideal for the first day of school.

Change your filters. Keeping your children healthy and happy during the school year starts at home. Make sure that you’re changing your home’s air and water filters regularly. Changing your air filters every few weeks will keep allergy triggers are at bay and having crisp, filtered water to drink is a must to keep them hydrated and healthy. Need to stock up on your home’s filters? Grab what you need at

Reusable water bottles to school. Is bottled water good for you? We’ll put it this way, it’s time to say GOODBYE to those plastic water bottles and HELLO to reusable water bottles. While having bottled water on hand is an easy and convenient choice, it can also become a very expensive habit. Having a reusable water bottle at school that they can easily refill will not only will it encourage them to drink more throughout the day, but it’ll also save you tons of time and money.

Start a supply stash. Nothing gets the new school year started out on the wrong foot then waiting too late to buy school supplies. Starting a supply stash throughout the summer, especially when you see things on sale. This will help create less stress for your child and you! Plus, you won’t have to fight the crowds at the store closer to the start of school.

Play keep vs. toss. Look at the new school year as a blank slate. Take some time before school starts to go through your child’s closet and bedroom with them. Tell them to pick and choose which items they want to keep and which items they would like to toss or donate. This will not only help them keep their room clean and organized, but it will also help keep the height of the laundry load down.

Post the daily routine. Like we said earlier, establishing a routine/ritual is extremely important for children. Posting your weekly routine where the whole family can see it is key to making sure everyone knows what to expect that week. It also will help cut down on miscommunication too!

Create a lunchbox cupboard. If packing their lunch is more of a chore than anything else, create a lunchbox cupboard! That way you have all their snacks and lunch ingredients ready and accessible. Having a basket for lunch stuff in the fridge isn’t a bad idea either!

Designate a homework area. If study time at the kitchen table just isn’t cutting it anymore, designate a homework area! Having an area in the playroom, their room or right off the kitchen will help them stay focused until all of their work is done.

Lay out clothes for the week. Has your child been having “nothing to wear” meltdowns? No worries! Having them lay out their clothes for the week the Sunday before or just having them lay it out the night before will keep the tears at bay and the embarrassing “they dressed themselves this morning” comments to their teachers to a minimum.

Get a checkup. Making sure your child is healthy and ready to take on a new school year is one of the best things you can do. Scheduling their yearly physical, shots, etc. before the start of the school year will not only help them feel better prepared for the school year, you’ll also find peace of mind when your child already has it out of the way.

Plan to read with your child every day. Reading to your child or having them read to you is extremely important in helping their minds stay sharp. Whether it’s before bed or right after dinner, creating a love for reading and vivid imagination will do them good in the long run.

Set academic goals. Setting expectations at the beginning of the school year, will not only give them the confidence they need to go into a new year, but they’ll also have the motivation they need to achieve their academic goals. Whether it’s to get straight A’s on their report card or acing a project in each class, setting little achievable goals is a better idea than you think!

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