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Planting A Seed: How Small Acts of Kindness Grew to An Impactful Partnership

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Wine To Water Charity OrganizationFiltration is capable of powerful things. With a little love and care, it can provide clean water and a good education for children.’s partnership with the charity organization, Wine To Water, began in 2011; with a small donation of $75. From those small beginnings, we’ve made an impact.

Our partner has been able to reach communities all over the globe in East Africa, Nepal, the Dominican Republic, and the Amazon. To celebrate Wine To Water’s upcoming accomplishment of providing 2 million people with clean water, let’s see how our relationship began.


The Path to Clean Water for Children Begins with One Step

After our initial donation, our story picks up with the creation of the W3 Project, which was a partnership between Wine To Water, Trekdesk, and In some countries, women and children must walk for miles searching for water. It consumes time, leaving little for other essential tasks. So, for every mile our Chief Marketing Officer, Dee Ray, could walk, we asked people to donate $1 towards providing clean water for those in need. In Dee’s own words, “Eventually, it got to the point that I could not walk enough miles to match the donations.”

When you can’t do it yourself, you ask for help – and that’s what we did! Appealing to the good that is innately in children, went to a local school and got them involved. By asking them to walk at recess and “donate” their miles to the dollar from customers, we taught them about the Global Water Crises and allowed them to help in a resourceful way.

Wine To Water’s founder, Doc Hendley, was inspired by the idea. He quickly got involved and contacted other school groups to get involved.


Powered By Water Filtration, An Idea Blossoms

An idea can take root and provide nourishment for many, it just needs the right support. Using our beginnings as seed, Wine To Water expanded it into a grand tree eventually reaching 1.95 million people across 53 countries. Now, students, civic clubs, businesses, and communities can all assemble WTW water filters, sponsor wells, or walk for water and raise funds for clean water projects in the Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Nepal, the Amazon, and in disaster responses.

Some of the ways the students can form relationships are through interactive calls between classes here and abroad. With the educational material provided by Wine To Water, both sets of schools are able to learn about water safety, sanitation, and hygiene. To keep things interesting, hands-on interactive activities make it easier for children to grasp the importance of water filtration and how hard it is for many children in other countries to access clean water.

With the goal of not just informing but transforming – Wine To Water provides an opportunity for students to participate in water access efforts for schools overseas. Whether the need is a new well or even a bathroom, they band together to help.


Children walking to get water Charity Organization

Making An Impact

Our partnership has helped not only students abroad but also the communities that they live in. Providing millions with clean water is an amazing accomplishment, and the kind of impact that it has is as deep as a newly installed well. With clean water, simple things that you might take for granted are possible, such as being able to better maintain good hygiene.

Because of the steps taken, women and children do not have to spend time gathering water and can devote themselves to important activities – like education. The health of the community improves as waterborne illnesses are avoided, reducing the rate of mortality.
Wine To Water’s main concern is not just providing clean water and then moving on but ensuring sustainability.

They make every effort, from building hand-wash stations and women’s private bathrooms and providing filters. Works like these improve the healthcare and economic growth of the areas the non-profit organization is based in.


children walking with water Wine To Water Charity Organization

Water Is Just The Beginning

From two small North Carolina-based organizations and a small donation of $75, and Wine To Water have grown significantly. It took 13 years to reach 1 million people with clean water, but now our partner is close to achieving 2 million in only 3 years and millions more in the near future.

One of the things we appreciate most about Wine To Water is their never-ending commitment to making an impact. That’s why we continue to work in tandem with them, donating a portion of every refrigerator filter sold – with a minimum of $15,000 monthly. This also means that like those students all those years ago, you’re helping us make a difference every single time you purchase a fridge filter.

We may be many years in, but this is just the start, and our tree is still expanding. If you’d like to help Wine To Water more directly, please feel free to donate here.

Donate To Wine To Water


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