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Present Water Condition in Los Angeles

By February 22, 2017November 29th, 2020No Comments

Water Condition in Los Angeles

Many countries are suffering from water shortage and others are dealing with health problems caused by contaminated water; numbers of people die every day because of these problems and mortality rate increases because until now the problem is still unsolved.

Contaminated water may be one of the causes of uncontrolled deaths in other countries; it may be because they cannot afford to buy a good water system to somehow alleviate the problem. Contaminants may not always refer to microscopic organisms, sometimes it is due to chemicals that are being release in rivers or lakes that residents are left with no choice but to consume.


Microscopic organisms such as Giardia lambia, salmonella, Cryptosporidium parvum and parasitic worms are few of the factors that cause health problems including together with the chemicals from factories that contributed a lot to water contamination.

With all these harmful substances flowing with our waters, people became worried that despite treatments it may not be sufficient enough to eliminate those toxins; thus, they find ways to sterilize the water that they are drinking.

Water contamination is a worldwide problem not only suffered by not yet civilized areas, this is a scenario that even urban dwellers are experiencing; In order to understand fully the situation, let’s take Los Angeles’ water problem this time as an example.

Los Angeles County Waterworks District (LACWD) has been maintaining the quality of water delivered to every home in Los Angeles. It has been the aim of LACWD to keep the treated water at despite being at a very low cost; maintaining a world class water system LACWD has been researching for more ways to ensure the quality and safety of the consumers.

Though treated water may not always be safe for intake, people of Los Angeles preferred bottled water for drinking over the regular tap water supplied by the water district. Even if the government makes it clearer and available for everyone still there are some who would sterilize it again.

The source of water such as streams and underground springs are not exempted from contaminants; common contaminants include waste from animals and chemicals present in the soil and groundwater.

People living in the city especially those who are near to factories and chemical facilities are not safe; a few of the dangerous chemicals that might be found on your water are chloroform, arsenic, aluminum and radon. These are some of the chemicals detected present on waters in some areas of Los Angeles.

The government of Los Angeles is taking actions to provide safe water for every household; despite the effort we can’t still avoid the use of chemicals for treating the water, thus, residents are making their own move to protect themselves from harm.

Water Sterilization

Sterilization is a process of eliminating or killing unseen pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and many more. The most common sterilization method used to sterilize water is by applying heat to the water in a certain minute and filtration.

Water Boiling

Water boiling is one way of purifying your water.   Boiling is a means of sterilizing the water with the use of heat making it safe to drink. Nevertheless, you also need to consider the boiling time; there are bacteria that can’t be easily killed by just boiling the water in one minute. So be sure that you heat the water enough before you drink it.

Water Filtration

Water filtration is a form of water sterilization that uses filters. Filters are tool that effectively removes the particle and impurities of water; it is made effective by letting the water pass through smaller holes thus removing or separating the unwanted elements in the water giving you potable water. Water filtration is one of the most widely use water sterilization today.

Berkey Water Filter

With all the process a water need to go through in purifying, natural nutrients present in the water may be eliminated too. However, our Berkey Water Filter assures you that its filtering efficiency does not remove any nutrients from the water; making it as the most recommended water filtration system in the market. 

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