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Product Spotlight: Invigorated Water One-The-Go 100g Alkaline Water Filter Pouch

By January 22, 2020November 29th, 2020No Comments

Do you wish you had the luxury of having amazing tasting alkaline water anytime and anywhere? You can with the Invigorated Water On-The-Go Alkaline Water Filter Pouch!

Perfect for avid travelers, hikers, athletes, and frequent flyers, this convenient water filter pouch is a must-have for your travel bag.

These water filter packets make it easy to turn tap water into high pH water.

How do Invigorated Water pouches work?

Here’s what’s in each pouch and why:

  • Alkaline Calcium balls increase the pH level and add in calcium
  • ORP balls increase the negative potential of producing high-antioxidant water
  • Maifan stones add in healthy minerals including selenium, iron, zinc, and magnesium
  • Ceramic mineral balls make the water taste and smell amazing
  • Zeolite and activated Alumina greatly reduce fluoride while also eliminating heavy metals

Each Invigorated Water pouch can filter up to 16 gallons or 300 cups of water before you need to replace it. Not only are you able to make alkaline water wherever you go, but you’ll also be helping the environment by reducing plastic water bottle waste.


You can use these pouches with any Invigorated Water Pitcher or bottle. Or you can use them with other water pitchers, bottles, decanters, cups, and water glasses.


Treat yourself to the convenience of amazing alkaline water today!

To order the Invigorated Water On-The-Go 100g Alkaline Water Filter Pouch 3-pack, click here.

To order the Invigorated Water On-The-Go 100g Alkaline Water Filter Pouch Single Pouch, click here.


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