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Product Spotlight: Invigorated Water Recharge Alkaline Water Filtration System

By January 17, 2020November 29th, 2020No Comments

Get fresh, filtered water right at your fingertips with the Invigorated Water Recharge Alkaline Water Filtration System.

This cost-effective water filtration system not only features Invigorated Water’s best-selling PH001 Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge, but it is also designed with a stunning glass dispenser and elegant wood stand, making it a must-have addition to your home.

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While its eye-catching design may make you want to drink more water, it’s the water filter that makes this alkaline water filtration system unique.

Here’s how the Invigorated Water Filter Cartridge works:

  • Stage 1: The filter is designed with a micro-net to catch potentially dangerous particles while allowing beneficial minerals like calcium to filter through.
  • Stage 2: The zeolite stage reduces fluoride, removes heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, arsenic, zinc, and copper while retaining beneficial minerals.
  • Stage 3: As the water passes through the coconut shell activated carbon, pollutants and chemicals are removed.
  • Stage 4: A second micro-net catches any particles that managed to pass through the first micro-net.
  • Stage 5: A ceramic ball and stone blend increase the pH and negative ORP. It then adds in trace elements and essential minerals such as selenium and magnesium.

This five-stage filtration process delivers up to 96 gallons of healthy, crystal-clear water before it needs to be replaced.


Perfect for large families or gatherings, this water filter pitcher not only is good for you, but it’s also good for the environment, too. Do yourself a favor and order yours today!

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