EBL-7800 for Samsung

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Product Description

• Effectively reduces chlorine taste and odor as well as typical contaminants found in tap water.
• Get healthier drinking water for less money – a cost effective alternative to OEM filters.
• Made from renewable Activated Carbon Media – environmentally friendly.
• Quick and easy to install – Our filters are the same size and shape as the factory model at a fraction of the cost.
• EcoBlueLife filters will provide 300 gallons of crisp, clear drinking water.
• Tested and professionally certified by the Water Quality Association to NSF/ANSI 42 Standards for Chlorine Reduction and tested and certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 372 standards for Lead Free Compliance. Professionally certified by the Water Quality Association.
• Tested and certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 42 Standards for Material Safety and Structure Integrity.
• All components and filters are tested to meet EC 1935/2004 Regulations.
• Manufactured in an ISO9001 facility.

WF294, EBL 7800, EBL7800,
46-9101 ,
Water Sentinel

169 reviews for EBL-7800 for Samsung

  1. Jim P. Cook

    Filter works just as well as the OEM filter that came with the fridge, and at a much better price. Not the first time I’ve purchased the EcoBlueLife filter, and I suspect it won’t be the last, either.

  2. john harris

    Worked perfectly. Less expensive than other replacements I have used.

  3. Carneytiger

    This product fits well in my Samsung refrigerator. The water tastes like bottle water. It removes lead and other contaminants according to the label which is the most important thing to me, safe drinking water.

  4. kimmax

    Works just fine, and cheaper than other brands. A snap to install.

  5. Misty B

    Working well. Arrived quickly.


    Great price and works great

  7. William H.

    fits, no leaks, reasonable price

  8. TC

    Fit my Samsung perfectly, and at half the cost of the one it is replacing. For those reviewers who complained about water spewing/leaking, the directions for changing the filter say to turn off the water supply in the back of the fridge, then after replacing the filter and turning water back on, re-prime it by letting it run for awhile to get all the air out of the line. I had a little water drain from it while replacing it because the old filter was filled with water.

  9. joseph l formby

    A great product at a very reasonable price.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Replaces Samsung #HAF-CIN/EXP. Had on for 2 months no problems

  11. Selina

    Easy to install.

  12. Michael Janski

    Perfect fit for our Samsung fridge. Works as advertised. No aftertaste.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Perfect Filter

  14. Alexandra

    Perfect fit, no leaks, water tastes great.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Perfect fit and it works good.

  16. Tobi Adorjan

    Great price

  17. Glbbritt

    Just like the original.

  18. Matt J.

    It works perfect water tastes great

  19. Ray S

    Exactly what I needed. Works great.

  20. Al

    Easy to install. Works great. The initial running the water through the filter needed a few more times than other filters. After that the filter works as advertised.

  21. Farzan


  22. Amazon Customer

    Fits my Samsung refrigerator. No complaints so far!

  23. R Hover

    Price great…fit my fridge perfectly!

  24. KadyJams

    Nice and affordable. I can’t complain when I am saving over 30 bucks on this product over the so-called Samsung branded filter.

  25. M. Dibert

    No problem, just pop it in!

  26. Amazon Customer

    Like it

  27. Aaron

    This was easy to install and is working as expected.

  28. BigDrGib

    It was a perfect fit, it was a great price. I will continue to use as long as you keep making them.

  29. OPCliff

    No chlorine taste like the previous filter i bought. It was a snug fit putting it in not sure why it gave me such an issue but it did finally go on.

  30. Amazon Customer

    Price &quality

  31. JR.

    Refrigerator water filter works perfectly! Will order more in future!

  32. Amazon Customer

    didn’t last long, but worked well

  33. P. H.

    Quick service–great price

  34. Kindle Customer

    This unit worked great with my Samsung refrigerator. Second time purchase. Will be back

  35. Ms. Review

    This filter works great in our Samsung refrigerator. It fits securely w/no leakage, and is only a fraction of the cost of the name brand ones. I highly recommend this product.

  36. Tracey Semien

    The item was easy to install and my ice is no longer freezing up in my ice maker.

  37. joseph l formby

    A great product at a very reasonable price.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Replaces Samsung #HAF-CIN/EXP. Had on for 2 months no problems

  39. Vaughn R. Smith

    This is the 2nd one I have ordered. Last one lasted 6 months with two of us in the household. No problems. I highly recommend it.

  40. Allan Siegert

    Significantly less expensive than the alternatives, easy to install, works well.

  41. Michael Galletta

    Fits like the Samsung original filter, no leaks, no problems…

  42. Bo Thayer

    Repeat order … I use this one because its very easy to install. affordable, and ships quickly. does a great job with no runs leaks or errorsBo

  43. Jamal A.

    Great product. I will buy from again

  44. VMayberry

    Great product! Arrived on time too! The water pressure is great too from the dispenser. Love the price. I was paying WAY more than what the seller charged. Thank you for making it affordable. Great delivery service too.

  45. Russ

    Make my fridge water taste great!

  46. Chris Casey

    Gets the job done!

  47. B. Zeiser

    Water tastes the same as the OEM filter and comes out faster.

  48. Beebee

    It worked very well. No problem at all.

  49. giver

    On time good price great product what more could I want

  50. K. Cox

    I was wary about trying a non-name brand filter for my Samsung refrigerator, but this filter has worked wonderfully with no problems.

  51. James Lamm

    Ordered several and I am happy with the product

  52. Valerie W.

    Works just as good as the Samsonite brand and is a great value,

  53. Gary Nickel

    Fit my Samsung perfectly. No leaks.

  54. Penny A.

    This is the second time I’ve purchased this filter and I’m happy with it. It does last 6 months and it’s easy to install. Will purchase again when needed.

  55. fastiger

    Good product fast shipping

  56. romarchez

    easy install and cost is affordable

  57. Laura

    Easy to install!

  58. Bill

    Better than the one that came with the fridge when I bought it. Have had it for a couple of months with no leaks. Even the water flow comes out faster.

  59. ncshgr

    Working as well as the Name Brand so far ;)

  60. C. Q.

    Second time I order this filter and works perfectly with our Samsung refrigerator. Excellent price.

  61. Stephen A. Cheney

    Cane quick and installed in seconds a must buy

  62. Terri L Wright

    make sure you lock it in or it jumps out. hilarious

  63. Joey from the ATX


  64. Dad of two

    Made the water taste very good. I think it does a good Job of filtering.The only complaint may be not related to the product, but when I installed it my water dispenser pump hums much louder than normal. I can’t see a justification for why the filter would cause this though.

  65. Captains lady

    Works great great price

  66. Nancy OC

    I bought this for my Samsung refrigerator. It’s working very well. It’s my third buying it. I renewed it every 5-6 months.

  67. Robert Munger

    Does the job and reasonable

  68. C. Rice

    As described, fast shipping, no issues

  69. Dan the Man

    Quick ship. Fits perfect. Water clear and oderless.

  70. Amazon Customer

    Great delivery time. Very happy with the filter

  71. Jeff Freeman

    Their great. priced affordably.

  72. Greg C.

    Great replacement product for my appliance. I’ve used them for over a year now

  73. Charlottie

    Great value, works well exactly like big box store name brands. Couldn’t be happier.

  74. BradWilks

    Arrived early and fits right into the refrigerator. Good directions and easy to install. Works great!

  75. michael l. johnson

    Great product and a great value.

  76. Amazon Customer

    Seems to be working just fine

  77. Richard A. Hodges

    I’ve tried off brand filters beforehand had to deal with weird aftertastes. With EchoBlueLife the water tastes good and the flow is faster than the Samsung original. No leaks either.

  78. Lynn Yamada

    Received earlier than expected and it is doing a great job in our refrigerator!

  79. Edward J.K

    First it had only 1 rubber seal at the top.Doesn’t seem to be leaking.I just wonder about the filtering.It sure makes a lot more ice with this filter.I have a Well in my house, so we will see if I get 6 months like the factory filter.But so far i’m pleased.

  80. Kevin

    Work as advertising and cheap price!

  81. Dana Hornesby

    Perfect fit!

  82. rodney

    It’s a very good product to water taste the same as if I had a Samsung filter

  83. Amazon Customer

    This works great

  84. gary e. morgan

    Price better than Lowe’s just as good

  85. Matt J.

    It works perfect water tastes great

  86. Eric B Shaw

    Easy to install. Good water flow. Reminders about when to change stickers and magnet.

  87. paul wyness

    Works as expected. Easy to replace, and good flow rate make this an affordable alternative to the Samsung name brand filter.

  88. Glbbritt

    Just like the original.

  89. Robert L Kilmer Jr

    Prompt delivery and excellent price.

  90. rblackmusic

    Very easy to replace. Seems to be working fine. The only bad comment I have would be about the instructions. They weren’t exactly clear. Not enough information. Could have gone into a little more detail. But all in all is a very good product so far. And the price was right.

  91. T. Schmik

    2nd or 3rd one I’ve bought. Works great every time.

  92. Jeff Freeman

    Their great. priced affordably.

  93. Greg C.

    Great replacement product for my appliance. I’ve used them for over a year now

  94. Readingteacher

    Works perfect for a great price!

  95. Ontariomom

    Works great just like the Samsung. Will definitely order again and would recommend to anyone. The filter came in quick as well which was great since the light had been on for a couple of days when I ordered.

  96. scott a bandy

    Great replacement filter.

  97. Janna Rock

    Fit perfectly and is working like a charm. Thank you!

  98. Debi

    Works perfectly.

  99. Amazon Customer

    Works great. Thank you.

  100. sharonb

    Works great just as good as my much more expensive filter. I saved $$$ but I did not have to compromise on the quality of the water!

  101. tacksharp

    The filter fit fine and didn’t leak like a cheaper filter I had previously bought.

  102. Sam

    Shipment was fast!…Also it worked for my Samsung refrigerator! Easy to problems at all!

  103. P. Jones

    Perfect fit. Looks exactly like the much more expensive brand

  104. DAVID L.

    Just as described

  105. Ronnie Griffith

    The order came as told and worked perfect

  106. Roz

    This is the 3rd time, I’ve bought these. They work for the full 6 months. Their easy to install and dispose of too. Thank you very much.

  107. Calamity Jane

    Works just fine! …..Installed with ZERO problemo!……..Replaced the original Samsung filter at less than half the price!

  108. Bluebiker

    I was very disappointed with this filter, particularly after all the glowing reviews. It leaked from the minute I installed it and the water tasted off. I am returning it. As many others have commented, the Samsung filters are pricey but I will be spending the money unless I can find another filter of comparable quality1/11/18 I decided to give this filter a second chance and am happy to give a positive report. This one does not leak and the water tastes fine. Perhaps I got a “lemon” last time around but the new one is working fine so far. It’s only been a few days so can’t speak to long-term performance.

  109. Whispurrs

    This filter works just as well, if not better, than the Samsung one it replaced. I’ve always purchased the Samsung one in the past because I was afraid to try any others. With the prices rising, I decided to give this one a try. No leaks or drips, and the water runs just as well, if not better. With any new filter, you are supposed to run a lot of water through it to get the air out, which I did. I’m happy with this one, and even more pleased with the price. The company also sent me a follow up email to make sure I was happy with the purchase, and if I wasn’t to let them know. I’ll be purchasing this one again.

  110. M. Wilhelm

    After purchasing our Samsung refrigerator in 2014, it has become increasingly frustrating to see the price of the OEM filters rise every time we need them (y’know, each 6 months).So, this time, rather than plunking down ninety bucks for a two pack, I decided to give the EcoBlueLife filter a shot. At a deal of a price of $19, it was worth a shot.It arrived in 2 days (Prime!), and I immediately installed it into the fridge. I was optimistically skeptical, based on the mostly positive reviews, countered by the harsh negatives.I hoped it would work.I prayed for no leaks.I wanted to score a bargain.The EcoBlueLife filter delivered on all aspects.It works perfectly!!!Thank you, Rojo, LLC (EcoBlueLife filters)I will definitely use, and recommend, these filters from now on.

  111. Jim

    works good

  112. She Pete1

    Works great!!!

  113. john scharer

    Quick, easy

  114. M&M

    Update: I changed my first rating from 1 star to 5 stars… when we initially installed the filter it leaked in a week, but we reinstalled it again and it’s been working great! I would recommend this product to everyone!

  115. Rolando Moya

    fits just like OEM works great

  116. Bwat

    Good product, the water flows much faster through this filter than an OEM product. Also, it makes a louder buzzing sound when your filling something up.

  117. earthlover

    works great

  118. Sandy

    Works great, and good price

  119. Linda S. Lee

    Installed like a charm and 5 days later, no leaks.

  120. caroline

    working great no problem to put in

  121. Keith E. Winters

    Great replacement for my Samsung water filter, at a much cheaper price. I will buy this product again.

  122. Amazon Customer

    Good price.

  123. James H.

    Working great!

  124. Cynthia

    Very easy to use & water tastes great!

  125. Cindi McCourt

    perfect fit, water tastes delicious! Much cheaper than the name brand for my refrigerator

  126. Boza

    For the price there is no complaints. Fits perfect. Flow is the same and taste is about the same.

  127. Ang968

    Fits perfectly, water tastes great and is clear! Just like the name brand but with a different label.

  128. Philip Cabuzzi

    Good price and very happy with the shipping time

  129. loves lilacs

    Very easy to install. No problems with installation and it began working as it should.

  130. Timothy James Curtis

    Good product. Fast shipping.

  131. Marilyn

    Works great, will order again.

  132. GBP Fan

    filter fits like the original at a great price!

  133. Terry Battocchio

    item as describe

  134. Amazon Customer

    Works great! Way cheaper than the factory filters too…

  135. Forrest

    No leaks, fits our Samsung refrigerator. Will purchase again

  136. Joseph Haggerty

    works great! the water comes out nice and wet. tastes just like water should. ice comes out frozen.

  137. Jon Koederitz

    Fit fine, works

  138. Amazon Customer

    Filters well. Doesn’t leak, and its inexpensive. What more could you ask for.

  139. Todd Stein

    Easiest filter to install.

  140. Ninerfan

    came quick and works perfectly

  141. Johnny NY

    A good quality replacement filter for Samsung refrigerators.

  142. Della Lowe

    It works perfectly I had no problem installing it

  143. Whisker

    works like brand name

  144. vasco

    works perfect

  145. cheryl crosley

    2 one works great

  146. Roland

    Great! Fit perfectly on my Samsung fridge no leaks!

  147. Jay Lovelace

    Everything it says it is works great

  148. Handy Mike

    Perfect replacement at a great price for my Samsung fridge.

  149. R David

    Good water flow.

  150. Amazon Customer

    No fuss, no hassle. Installed exactly the way it’s supposed to. Our last Evoblue Life lasted for about a year with a family of eight using ice and water multiple times daily. Will buy this product agsin.

  151. Rgarren

    Filters work like they are supposed to.

  152. Bob

    Good product at an affordable price.

  153. Amazon Customer

    Very happy with this product.

  154. Jim S

    Fast delivery. Installed easily. Works fine. Thanks.

  155. CS

    These filter well and fit perfect for Samsung.

  156. chief71

    Had to replace another filter by another brand I recently purchased. So far so good. No leaks and not funny noises when I try and dispense water.

  157. Zella

    Works great and SO much cheaper than the Samsung brand. Thanks!

  158. Will S

    Does what’s it’s suppos to do.

  159. P. A. Pittmon

    A good inexpensive alternative for water filters.

  160. Amazon Customer

    Excellent product!


    Works great and is so less expensive than Samsung brand of filters. Water and ice dispensers both have more pressure.

  162. CathyD

    Installed for approximately two weeks, no leaking and no problem with installation. Much better price than Samsung brand.

  163. Bonnie Bookworm

    Much more affordable, last longer and works great.

  164. Charles T McCauley

    Works just like the original, providing great taste and clean water at a great price.

  165. Nancy W.

    I bought this off brand due to the reasonable price. I am very pleased with the product. I arrived as promised and fit perfectly in the frig. I guess I should have replaced the old one sooner because once I installed this new offbrand I had much better flow of water in the door. At this price I will replace the cartridge once a year. The only reason I kept the original one for so long was I thought the replacement price was ridiculous. Now that I have the reasonably priced off brand option I will do it once a year.

  166. William A. Robinson

    Product works well

  167. Tag Team Computing

    water tastes clean and sweet

  168. Peter G

    Just bought my second one – no problem with leaks that others have claimed

  169. romarchez

    easy install and cost is affordable

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