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Products You Need to Keep Your Home Clean

By March 26, 2020November 29th, 2020No Comments

Spring is the perfect time to give your home a deep clean. While many of us will be spending more time indoors for the foreseeable future, it’s extremely important that we keep our furniture and other surfaces in our home clean so we can stay healthy.

We’ve put together a list of some our favorite cleaning products in hopes you’ll find one or two that work for you!


LivePure UV HEPA Dust Mite Vacuum

Neutralize allergen-causing dust mites living deep inside your mattress, bedding, furniture, carpet, and clothing with the LivePure UV HEPA Dust Mite Vacuum. This HEPA vacuum uses UV light, covered rolling brush and HEPA filter work together to remove allergens that irritate your skin, cause congestion, itchy eyes and lack of sleep. Give your home a deep clean today with this must-have handheld UV HEPA vacuum.

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Vacuum Filters

Vacuum cleaners have filters to prevent dust from escaping back into the air. If it’s time to replace your vacuum’s filter, we’ve got tons of different types, brands, and sizes of vacuum filters to choose from.

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Vacuum Bags

Need to stock up on vacuum bags? We’ve got you covered. We carry a variety of different brand vacuum filters and we even carry HEPA vacuum bags, allergen reduction vacuum bags, and so much more!

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Kitchen Appliance Cleaners:

Summit Washer Magic Washing Machine Magic Cleaner

It is recommended that you wash your washing machine every 6 months, and The Summit Washer Magic Washing Machine Cleaner makes it easy! Compatible with traditional top loads and High Efficiency (HE) washing machines, this washing machine cleaner can effectively reduce detergent, mineral, and odor build-up in your washing machine.

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Glisten Microwave Foaming Cleaner Scrubbers

Does your microwave need some extra love? The Glisten Microwave Foaming Cleaner Scrubbers will soften the nastiest build-up and toughest stains in your microwave. Just heat this microwave cleaner to activate its foaming power and then use the hardworking scrubber to wipe away even the toughest stains. Afraid it will leave your microwave smelling like chemicals? Don’t be! This Glisten cleaning solution will leave a fresh lemon sent that will make you smile.

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Summit Dishwasher Magic Cleaner and Disinfectant

Something many of us don’t think about is keeping our dishwasher clean. Its purpose is to keep our dishes clean, but sometimes it can be a breeding ground to gram-negative bacteria like e-coli, salmonella, etc. If you’re starting to notice mineral stains, lime scale, iron/rust, calcium build-up, and food particles starting to takeover your dishwasher, we recommend using the Summit Dishwasher Magic and Disinfectant! Not only will get it rid of those pesky germs and bacteria, it’ll also help extend the life of your dishwasher and improve its cleaning performance.
Here’s what one of our customers had to say about it: “I live in an area with a lot of rust in the water. My dishwasher became discolored and was not working efficiently. After using Dishwasher Magic my dishwasher not only looks new but cleans much better!” -Earlene

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Summit Disposer Care Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Does the garbage disposal in your sink stink? The reason your kitchen sink might be stinking is because over time, grease and food build-up will get stuck in your disposal which causes that unpleasant odor. Luckily for you, the Summit Disposer Care Garbage Disposal Cleaner is here to save the day! These garbage disposal cleaning packets feature a bleach alternative and a will leave your sink smelling lemony fresh! Summit garbage disposal packets are easy and convenient to use. Plus, they’re safe for septic systems and contain no phosphates.

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affresh Stainless Steel Polish Wipes

Keep your stainless-steel appliances looking clean and shiny with these affresh Stainless Steel Polish Wipes! Remove water spots, food stains, fingerprints and more with these stainless-steel cleaning wipes and a little elbow grease. Safe to use on all stainless-steel surfaces including dishwashers, ovens, range hoods, refrigerators, outdoor grills and more! Plus, these polishing wipes contain mineral oil and surfactants to protect from future spots and stains.

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Multipurpose Cleaner:

FiltersFast Multipurpose Filter Cleaner

Ideal for cleaning pool, hot tub and spa filter and DE filter cartridges, the FiltersFast FFFClean Filter Cartridge and Grid Cleaner doubles as a multipurpose cleaner, too! This high-powered cleaner does its call when it comes to removing sediment, dirt, rust, calcium, minerals, oils, scale and much more. You can use this cleaner to clean surfaces around your home, as well as car, boat or any other kind of recreational equipment.

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Humidifier Cleaners:

Humidiclean Humidifier Cleaner and Descaler

Keep your humidifier clean and effectively with the Humidiclean Humidifier Cleaner and Descaler. This humidifier cleaner will help get rid of calcium and lime scale buildup that can shorten the life of your humidifier and spread unhealthy contaminants in your air. It will also help reduce unpleasant odors. Use this cleaner and descaler on all humidifiers and vaporizers. This is a cleaner and should not be used while you are operating your humidifier.

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Crane Humidifier Cleaner and Descaler

Keep your Crane humidifier running like new with the Crane Humidifier Cleaner and Descaler. This liquid cleaner and descaler removes lime, calcium and similar types of mineral scale from humidifiers, evaporators, vaporizers, and other similar units. It can also help control odors and extend the life of various air treatment units.

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Protec Antimicrobial Humidifier Tank Cleaning Fish

One of the easiest ways to keep your humidifier cleaner longer is with the Protec Antimicrobial Humidifier Tank Cleaning Fish. This adorable humidifier cleaner fish is made with antimicrobial, Aquastat which will help keep your humidifier cleaner longer and kill up to 99% if odor causing bacteria. Just drop it in your humidifier tank for fresh, clean mist.

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What’s your favorite part of spring cleaning? Or do you dread it? Let us know in the comments! is a replacement water and air filter company located in the United States. The views and opinions contained herein are solely those of the original author and do not represent Eco Blue Life or its affiliates. This article was originally published on  
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