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Protecting the Skin You’re In: Sensitive Skin and The Benefits of Using a Shower Filter

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Person with Sensitive Skin

Your skin is everything. It is your layer of protection from the outside world and the embodiment of your visible exterior. When it is dry and irritable, it makes life uncomfortable in so many ways.
For those with sensitive skin, like me, it may feel like no solutions can help. If you’re constantly worried about your appearance or are always scratching and feel like you’re on fire – we’re here to help!

When Your Sensitive Skin Feels Like an Unsolvable Problem

Since I was a young man, I’ve been dealing with sensitive skin issues. At first, it was severe acne. My face was oily and had noticeably dense bumps that hurt when I poked them with my finger. I invested in skin care products and while they worked, I noticed how my skin started to rely on them and how it felt when I didn’t use them. Eventually, I stopped and wondered what other natural solution was available.

The problems continued. I started seeing that even outside of winter months my skin could be very dry. The flakiness at times looked as if I was a reptile shedding. Lotions and moisturizers help of course, but those are all solutions that temporarily assuage the underlying issues.

Then my skin struggles reached an all-time low. The flakiness devolved into dark and cracked spots on my arms near my shoulder areas and around the back of my neck. And the itchiness – it was the worst. It felt like every nerve in my body was activating all at once. I soon learned that this condition was called eczema. I was very conscious about it and tried a bunch of things including special creams and lotions. They helped, but again they were only short-term.

A Natural Solution for Those with Sensitive Skin

A natural solution for those with acne, dry skin, or even eczema may be right over your head in your bathroom. It has probably gone unconsidered by you up to this point. What is this solution? A shower filter, my friend!

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Man with sensitive skin taking shower

Are Shower Filters Good for Sensitive Skin?

Shower filters are extremely beneficial for people with sensitivity to the harsh chemicals in tap water. If you live in a rural area, the water that we get from the municipal source has been chemically treated to sanitize it for use. Even if you receive your water from more natural sources, it can contain metals and minerals that are harmful.

When you take a shower, you’re the most exposed to these chemicals, and believe it or not, they rob your skin of the natural oils that it needs to stay healthy.

Do Shower Filters Help with Acne?

Taking a shower using filtered water from a shower filter can significantly reduce acne-related issues. Unfiltered water can contain many minerals that can clog your pores, leading to those painful bumps that I experienced in my youth.

With a shower filter, the water you use will be mineral free, allowing your skin to naturally hydrate itself without build-up and acne.


woman washing her hair in the shower


Do Shower Filters Help with Dry Skin?

Like myself, you may have dry, sensitive skin even though you use lotion regularly and even if it’s not winter! Shower filters decrease the occurrence of harsh chemicals such as chlorine, scale, and sulfur which helps prevent dry skin.

Your skin’s natural lubricants will be permitted to function properly, increasing its health and vibrance. Plus, fewer chances for annoying irritations and aggravation.

Can a Shower Filter Help Eczema?

Tap water can damage the skin barrier and ultimately assist in the development of eczema. Filtered water removes the impurities that can dehydrate the skin and make the condition worse. Also, if your eczema is easily triggered by soap scum, shower filters eliminate them from being present in the water.

The greatest benefit is the filter lessens irritation and itchiness, which in turn allows your dark patches of eczema to heal. This is amazing for those dealing with this condition, including myself! Even though I’ve gotten it under control, it still flares up every now and then.

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Sensitive Skin’s Best Friend

Although it’s mostly unknown by people, a shower filter can be the most valuable asset for skin care – especially if your skin is sensitive. It provides relief for all conditions, from acne to eczema, and creates opportunities to enhance your skin’s vibrance. It’s important to love and protect the skin that you’re in, and with a shower filter, you can do just that!

To find out more benefits that a shower filter provides, check out this blog.

Get Softer Hair and Skin with a Shower Filter!

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