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Protecting Your Children: Lead Reduction for Home, Schools, and Daycare

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A major priority for parents is the safety of their children at home, daycare, or school. In both areas, the risks of lead contamination can be a concern. Luckily, there are ways to ensure your child’s security by reducing it wherever they are.

The Risks of Lead Contamination

Before we discover how to remove lead, we should discuss why it shouldn’t be overlooked – especially for your child. Lead contamination can affect the brain and the kidneys. It can also alter cognitive processes and cause concentration and behavior problems. These may have long-term consequences.

There is currently no safe blood level for youth, so reducing lead is imperative. Even lower exposure levels can cause problems over time.


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How to Detect Lead Contamination

Few people are aware of the ways that lead can creep into the water supply. It can be transferred by the plumbing that municipalities use to deliver water to our residences and schools. Lead may be found in homes and buildings constructed before 1986. Unfortunately, detecting lead in your drinking water through your senses of taste, smell, or sight is impossible.

The secure way of knowing if lead is present in your water is by eliminating its potential sources one by one. This starts with calling your municipal water supply to determine if you receive water through a lead service line.

Even if your water isn’t supplied from a lead service line, other point-of-use exits, such as faucets, may have brass, pipes, or other plumbing coated with lead. Corrosion could also cause contamination due to your water’s high acidity. Testing your water with a kit will help you discover if lead is in your supply.

water test kit for lead reduction

Sensafe Water Test Kit

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Of course, this will only cover your home. For your child’s school, it’s a great idea to inquire whether they know if they’re receiving water through a lead service line and know the lead contamination status in general.


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Lead Reduction at Home

Removing lead is essential after you’ve identified it in your water. Fortunately, lead isn’t absorbed through the skin while using water.

Under the Sink Water Filter Systems

Price: Good
Effectiveness: Great

Under-the-sink water filter systems can be a fantastic bonus to your kitchen. They reduce potentially damaging particles such as microorganisms, organic compounds, dirt, rust, and, most importantly, lead.

They will make a big difference in your water quality, providing cleaner, clearer, better-tasting drinking water in your home.


3M Filtrete 3US-MAX-S01 Maximum Under Sink Filtration System

The 3US-MAX-S01 has undergone rigorous testing and is NSF-certified to reduce 99% of lead and microbial cysts, as well as 97% chlorine taste and odor. It will even reduce sand, sediment, rust, and soil as small as 0.5 microns. This system is perfect for kitchen or bathroom applications and is very DIY-friendly if you decide to install it yourself. Plus, it’s fantastic for families who are renting.

3M Filtrete Under Sink Water Filtration System for Lead Contamination

3M Filtrete 3US-MAX-S01 Maximum Under Sink Filtration System

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The filter for this system is the 3M Filtrete 3US-MAX-F01 Under Sink Replacement Filter and should be changed every six months to maintain its effectiveness.

3M Filtrete Under Sink Replacement Filter for Lead Reduction

3M Filtrete 3US-MAX-F01 Under Sink Replacement Filter

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Investing in water filtration for your home is an outstanding start to securing safe drinking water for your family. To maintain this, however, you must consistently replace your water filters. Over time, the filters will become overloaded by the contaminants captured. This will bog it down, making it less effective.

The swiftness of life makes it hard to be consistent on this task. Even a reminder may go unnoticed. Enrolling in our Home Filter Club water filter subscription program can make it as easy as you can forget until your filters arrive on your doorstep. Just choose “Subscribe & Save”, select the delivery frequency, and let us do the rest!

Changing Your Home Filters Made Easy


children drinking water from school equipped with water filtration system for lead contamination

Lead Reduction for Schools and Daycares

Managing lead reduction outside your home is more complicated since you lack direct control. Regardless, the effort must be made to protect your children if they attend school or are in daycare. So, the question is, how do we go about accomplishing this task?

First, knowing more about the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) stance on lead contamination is a good idea. This will come in handy when having conversations with school administrators.

In 1991, the EPA created a regulation to monitor lead and copper in drinking water. This regulation is called the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR). Many years later, in 2020, they made significant changes to the LCR, requiring municipalities to expose the location of lead service lines. More noteworthy, this regulation requires mandatory water testing in schools and daycare centers.

With this information, the next step is to call your child’s school or daycare to inquire about their commitment to safeguarding children from lead contamination. Before dialing, having a game plan and questions to ask at the ready will help you focus.

Here are some that we suggest you use:

  • Are you familiar with the new EPA mandates under the Lead and Copper Rule?
  • Do you have a plan to stay within compliance with the LCR and 2024 EPA mandates?
  • Have you conducted any water testing by a third-party certified lab? Can you share the results for lead?
  • Do you engage plumbing contractors to service your sinks, water fountains, and filling stations?
  • Who’s responsible for the maintenance of the sinks, fountains, and filling stations?
  • How does the school or daycare plan meet lead reduction requirements? Have you considered water filtration?
  • Is your current water filtration solution performing to your specifications or expectations?

Along with these questions, having a good solution for your child’s place of learning to incorporate is imperative. Excellent water filtration is the natural answer to lead reduction in schools and daycares. They’ll need a system with impressive capacity, a fantastic flow rate, and, most importantly, all the checkmarks for lead reduction.

3M Aqua-Pure Full Flow Water Filter System for Lead Reduction in Schools and Daycares

3M Aqua-Pure Full Flow Water Filter System

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This water filter system excels in several ways for lead contamination reduction, including getting drinking water below 1 part per billion (ppb), which is within the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. If you want to suggest this filtration solution to the school or daycare, please have them contact

Just like your home, the school needs to replace its filters regularly.

So, some bonus questions are:

  • Do you have a program to maintain your filter compliance?
  • How often are you changing the water filters in your facility?


Healthy Drink. Cute Little Girl Holding Drinking Water from water filtration system

Lead Reduction Ready

Tackling an objective as important as your child’s safety, no matter where they are, can be challenging. You may overlook something small, such as the quality of water they drink at home and school. Utilizing water filtration, you can rest assured that any concerns about lead contaminants disappear.


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