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Selecting The Best Pool Filter in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

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Alas, you’re a new pool owner , and pool season is upon us. While performing pool maintenance tasks, it’s important to remember to check the filter. Replacing your filter is essential to maintaining pool safety, but selecting the correct one can be a pickle if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

You should be concerned with filter type, size, and price. Let’s see if we can help you devise a great solution.

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Types of Pool Filters

The most common types of pool filters are cartridge filters, sand pool filters, and diatomaceous filters. Each one of these filters has different pros and cons. Knowing them will help you select the right one for your pool.

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filter Price: $$

These type of filters do not impact water chemistry and can capture more particles than sand filters. They are excellent at cutting energy expenses because they utilize less pressure and have less water waste.

To come up with the correct cartridge filter size for your pool, you’ll need to know the minimum flow rate required for the filter to be effective. You can figure this out by dividing your pool’s gallons by the desired turnover rate. Ideally, you’ll want a surface area of 100 square feet for every 30,000 liters of water .

If you’re looking for the perfect balance between price and efficiency, Filters Fast® Brand Cartridge Filters are an excellent selection. Each Filters Fast® Pool & Spa Filter is compatible with top Pool & Spa Filter brands including Hayward, Pleatco, Pentair, Filbur and more.

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Cartridge Filter Maintenance:

Cartridge filter maintenance requires a bit more hands-on attention than a sand filter. Knowing how much work is involved in this task could affect whether cartridge filters are the right choice for you. You’ll need to clean the filters directly by washing them down, and you’ll have to do it regularly. For more information regarding that, please check out the blog below.

Pros: More efficient than sand filters and less water waste
Cons: More expensive than sand filters, requires more hands-on cleaning and more frequently


sand pool filter on the side of pool

Sand Pool Filter

Sand Filter Price: $

This option is the most economical pool filter solution, making them an attractive choice for those looking to save money upfront.

These filters are among the most popular commercially because of their ease of usage. One of the best features of this filter is that the more you use it, the better. Extended use of the sand filter system improves its efficiency because pollutants in the sand prevent subsequent contaminants from flowing through.

These filters remove contaminants within the 20 to 30-micron range. Impurities such as dust, pollen, and hair can be safely contained.

The size of the sand filter correct for you depends on your pool size and the volume of water it can contain. The larger the gallons, the bigger the filter will need to be. For example, a pool of around 20,000 gallons of water will need a filter around 24 inches in diameter. One closer to 40 – 50,000 will require the largest sand filter available.

Sand Filter Maintenance:

The process of cleaning the sand filter is a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Backwashing is the primary way to keep your sand filters in tip-top shape. This cleansing method requires the least work out of all the filters. Read more about sand filter maintenance here.

Pros: Least Expensive, least maintenance, Easy to Use, Versatile.
Cons: Not the most effective, must be mindful of the amount of backwashing performed to avoid chemical imbalances.


Wall skimmer equipment filtration swimming pool system with reflection on blue water pool. Pool filter

Diatomaceous Earth Filter

Diatomaceous Earth Filter Price: $$$

D.E. Filters are the most expensive option available, but they provide a return on investment by providing premium filtration capabilities.

D.E. filters have the greatest filtration capacity compared to all pool filters and can block contaminants as small as three to five microns. This makes it perfect for those looking for the premium option to remove impurities from their pool.

Diatomaceous filters push water through a filter container filled with sedimentary rock made up of the remains of microscopic algae-like animals called diatoms. Even though the name implies otherwise, the rock is finer than sand; hence, D.E. filters are more efficient than sand filters.

Selecting the correct size for your diatomaceous filter will vary depending on the size of your pool. Usually, pool filters can be bought according to their square foot coverage. Fortunately, with D.E. filters, less is more. For example, a 25,000-gallon pool can be sufficiently covered by a D.E. filter of around 60 sqft or more.

D.E. filters, like sand filters, require backwashing to maintain their effectiveness. Due to the consistency of the powder, cleaning will require more effort. Also, the filter must be replaced every time it is cleaned to achieve optimal performance.

Diatomaceous Earth Filter Maintenance:

Although D.E. filters are the most effective, they require the most intensive regimen to maintain high-quality operation. You’ll need to be aware of this before selecting this filter. If you’d like more information on how to clean diatomaceous earth filters, read more below.

Pros: Can filter the tiniest particles, long-lasting, requires less backwashing than sand filters
Cons: Most expensive, requires the most maintenance

Read More About Pool Maintenance


Getting the Best Out of Your Pool Experience

Selecting the right pool filter is essential to getting the best out of your summer experience. It can be more complicated than you’d think if you’re unprepared. Knowing the pros and cons of the three pool filter types and their pricing and size factors will make picking the correct one much easier! As we’re dedicated to your overall health and wellness, consider your number one resource for all things filtration.

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