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Set Yourself Free With The pHin Wifi Smart Monitor System

By July 27, 2018November 29th, 2020No Comments

Monitor. Notify. Drop. That’s the motto behind the state-of-the-art pHin Wifi Smart Monitor System. This Wifi-enabled water monitor – designed specifically for pools and spas – takes the guess work out of water chemistry once and for all.

Instead of dealing with the everyday hassle of making sure your pool or spa water is balanced properly, the pHin Wifi Smart Monitor System does the work for you. Once you drop the sleek-looking pHin Monitor into your pool or spa, it immediately gets to work by notifying the app on your smart phone that your pool water needs attention.

The pHin Wifi Smart Monitor System sends important data straight to your smart phone. While the pHin can easily tell you what the water temperature is and what chemicals to add, it can also tell you when your pool or spa water is perfectly balanced and ready to be enjoyed by you and your family.

You’ll receive real-time messages like “please add 4 ounces of pH Up” which raises the pH level in your pool water to make sure the pH level is accurate and safe. It will also tell you the exact amount of chemicals to add, and then tell you if the water is perfectly balanced, unbalanced or unsafe.

Another benefit of purchasing the pHin Wifi Smart Monitor System is that you can use your own chemicals. Scan any supported chemical’s barcode with your smart phone to receive dosing instructions from the pHin app. Or use any pool or hot tub chemical you own to get adjustment instructions. The pHin Smart Monitor System supports most major brands including: poollife, hTh and LeisureTime.The pHin Wifi Smart Monitor System comes with everything you need to get up and running fast including a wireless Wifi bridge, a tether for attaching the monitor to your pool ladder and a calibration kit.

Possibly the best part about owning the water monitor is that you’ll never have to wait in line to have your water tested at your local pool store because you’ve got technology, simplicity and convenience in the pHin Wifi Smart Monitor System.

NOTE: Includes monitor only. pHin chemicals sold separately.

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