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Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2023

By November 8, 2023No Comments

stocking stuffer ideas

‘Tis the giving season, and with so much spending it can be hard to find ways to save. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to give great gifts and keep money in your pockets. Here are some fantastic stocking stuffer ideas (all under $100!) to get you started before the Black Friday madness begins!

Man receiving stocking stuffer idea gift from his wife

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

You’ve surely got a big gift for your big guy — whether he’s a videogame nerd, an outdoor fanatic, or a do-it-yourselfer. When you’re shopping for that bit of extra for him, keeping his health and wellness in mind could be a surprising way to fill up his stockings. Also, remember, stocking stuffers don’t always have to fit – that’s the point!

Let’s say he’s a video game guru, spending hours in a man cave that can get a bit stuffy. This handy dandy air cleaner will keep the room fresh and clean, making game time comfier!

TrueAir-Room-Odor-Eliminator stocking stuffer ideas

TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator Air Cleaner

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Perhaps he’s an outdoor enthusiast, constantly on the go and taking camping trips with the bros. This water filtration straw will ensure that he can access clean water no matter where he decides to set up his tent.

FF StrawFilters Fast® FF Straw Water Filtration Straw

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Or maybe he’s a do-it-yourselfer, attempting to fix problems even if they aren’t quite issues yet. Dust, dirt, and airborne contaminants are found often in a lot of DIY projects, making it important for him to protect his lungs. An N95 Certified RZ Mask will do the trick!

RZ Mask stocking stuffer ideas

RZ Mask Black FaceMask

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woman receiving stocking stuffer idea gift

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her

When you’re shopping for her it’s never easy! But we’ve got a couple of unique ideas for your special lady, no matter if she’s a working woman, a newly minted mother, or a gym goer. Again, thinking outside of the box might mean it won’t quite fit in a small stocking. Keep an open mind!

Turning her home office into a small oasis can go a long way for a busy lady. Air purifiers get rid of airborne pollutants, making it easy to breathe and stay focused!

HEPA Air PurifierHoneywell HEPAClean Tabletop Air Purifier

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If your special lady is a new mother, you know how hard it is for her to relax. A shower filter provides clean water, allowing her to wash away the day’s stress while boosting her hair and skin. The massage feature will help her get ready for an rejuvenating slumber.

Shower Head Filter stocking stuffer ideasCulligan Shower Head Filter with Massage

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Having a fitness-minded significant other can be worrisome! Dehydration is often an issue and is sometimes overlooked in the middle of an intense workout. Giving her a filtered water bottle will ensure she has instant access to clean water, optimizing her gym time.

water filtration bottleInvigorated Water Active Alkaline Water Filtration Bottle

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children looking at stocking stuffers

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Children

We know during the holidays that children are mostly concerned with toys like the latest Barbie or GI Joe. While these gifts may not be as fun as those, they will surely catch your young one’s attention as well as make sure they’re as healthy as can be!

crane humidifier elephant stocking stuffer ideas
Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Elephant

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crane humidifier hello kitty
Crane Hello Kitty Cool Mist Humidifier

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New Wave Sippy Drinking Cup stocking stuffer ideas
New Wave Enviro Sippy Cup

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Get Early Access To Black Friday Deals

Shopping for that special somebody can be tough, but hopefully with these ideas – it’s a bit easier. Thinking outside of the box and considering other unique gifts can save you money and add a bow around the gift giving season.

Finally, the latest clothes and appliances aren’t the only things worth getting great deals on! Health and wellness items such as air purifiers, humidifiers, and filters have merit too. If you liked these stocking stuffer suggestions and want early access to Black Friday deals on filtration items, sign up for our email texts using the link below. Of course, these deals are only available until Black Friday is over, so hurry!

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