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The 10 Best Natural Flavored Water Recipes

By July 31, 2017November 29th, 2020No Comments

We can all agree that adding some extra flavors to water will make drinking water more interesting. Not saying that plain water is bad or not interesting, but sometimes, we just need to add a little spice to change things up from the usual than normal. Not to mention, adding flavor to water is also a great way to engage yourself, most importantly, kids to drink more water. We can all agree that if we are to choose between sugary drinks and water, most of us will opt for the one that would likely tickle our taste buds. However, we can not always have and drink sugary drinks for the reason that it is not healthy for a person. 

Now, with the discovery of flavored water, we can now have the best of both worlds by having something that is both healthy and tasteful. But, we are not talking about the processed flavored water, because, not to give any bad lights on the companies that produces this kind of product, it has been proven that processed flavored waters contain chemicals that might cause potential harm to a person’s health, especially when consumed over a period of time. Moreover, this article promotes the naturally made flavored waters. 

Not only that you still retain the health benefits of water itself, but with the additional natural and organic ingredients, more extra health benefits are added as well. This article will introduce the different natural recipes to make up your flavored water.

The Best Natural Flavored Water Recipes

Basically, for these line up of combos to make up your flavored water, it just takes a couple of minutes to make. Since, the whole process of doing so is as simple as mixing all the ingredients together in a jar preferably for safe keeping. The combo ingredients below is a mixture of simplicity yet tasteful. Not only that, but they are also guaranteed to boost up your immune system and keep you healthy. 

The things that you will need to proceed with making your flavored water are:

  • Glass Jars with lids
  • Bucket/s of Ice
  • Water
  • Your chosen Fruit or herb ingredient

The following lists of suggested naturally flavored water combos below are as simple as to make. So, there is not really an exact procedure as to how to mix and make your flavored water. Since, all ingredients are natural there is no room for errors here, because in this case having more or less of one thing is not a problem, for all the ingredients that you are using are guaranteed healthy for the body. Hence, what you will find below are detailed information regarding the certain health benefits you will be getting upon having these flavored waters. 

1. Watermelon and Jalapeño Flavored Water

Basically, you just prepare your glass jar and fill it half way with some ice cubes. Afterwards, pour in the water but do not allow it to reach the mouth of the jar. Leave off at least 2 to 3 inches of gap from the surface of the water to the jar because you do not want the water to overflow from the jar after adding in the fruits and clean up a lot of mess once you are done. 

Next, add in the sliced watermelons and Jalapeños. Stir all the ingredients together to allow the juice of the ingredients to come out and mix with the water. Now, you have your first naturally flavored water all ready to drink. 

Watermelons contain a load amount of Vitamin C, which is said to boost your immune system and helps your body to produce antibodies to fight off any sicknesses or diseases. In addition, watermelon also carries a fair amount of Vitamin A which is good for the eyes and can help reduce the chances of macular degeneration or cataracts. Furthermore, watermelons also contains Vitamin B6 that is good for the formation of red blood cells. Vitamin B6 also helps the body to breakdown proteins, the more you intake proteins, the more Vitamin B6 is needed for your body to break down those proteins. The watermelon is approximately composed of 90 percent of water, which means that it is beneficial in keeping the body well-hydrated and nourished.

On the other hand, Jalapeños also has its fair share of health benefits for the body. Although fairly small, it is jam-packed with nutrition and vitamins that the body needs. Jalapeños are rich when it comes to containing Vitamin C and as we all know, Vitamin C is a great antioxidant. Together with the watermelon, it also carries a good supply of Vitamin A. 

2. Lime Slices and Basil Flavored Water

The same whole process of making the Watermelon and Jalapeños flavored water goes for this combo and also for the other combos after this. It is just a matter of mixing everything together according to your preferred taste. 

Lime is a member of the citrus fruit family. Like any other fruit, Lime is also a good antioxidant that is great for boosting the immune system. Moreover, Lime is also a good source for potassium, magnesium, calcium, Vitamins A, B, C and D. A lot going on for just a minimal sized fruit, right? That is why it works perfectly in mixture with your water. Not only does it add taste to your average tasting water, but it also offers additional health benefits. Lime gives off a series of health benefits and some of them are the following:

  • Skin Rejuvenation. Limes contain vitamin C and flavonoids which helps strengthen the collagen of the body.
  • Improves your Digestion. Limes are acidic and helps out the saliva break down the food which makes it easier for digestion.
  • Boosts your Metabolism. Because of the acid component of Lime, it helps significantly with digestion. Furthermore, it is also a great way to shed off pounds because it increases your metabolism which then helps your body to burn more calories.
  • Lowers your Blood Sugar level. Limes are known to contain a low glycemic index which is responsible for regulating the amount of sugar that your body intakes. 

Basil is a common herb that has this unique scent of aroma which belongs to the mint family. It is commonly used to add flavor to recipes, but little do we know that Basil has also some health benefits with it. Studies have shown that Basil is an antioxidant, fights off cancer, pain reliever, prevents diabetes, protects the liver and blood vessels and helps relieve stress too. 

3. Apples and Cinnamon Flavored Water

As what the famous quote always say, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, which is indeed true because apple carries a lot of nutrients and vitamins that are found to be extremely good and healthy for the body. Apple is known to be rich with antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fiber.

  • It is incredibly helpful in terms of improving neurological health, studies have found that apples contain a kind of antioxidant called the quercetin which is said to help cell damage that results from oxidation and neuron inflammation.
  • Apples help reduce your chances of having a stroke.
  • Researches were also conducted and found that apples also help when it comes to lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Cinnamon also has its benefits when it comes to aiding the human health. The U.S National Library of Medicine were able to find that Cinnamon is an effective remedy for treating muscle spasms, vomiting, diarrhea, infections, the common cold, loss of appetite, and erectile dysfunction. As same as with the other fruits, Cinnamon also has antioxidant effects that helps fight off bacteria. 

4. Citrus-filled Flavored Water Flavored Water

For this particular combo, you are free to incorporate any kind of citrus fruits that you have near your area or is accessible for you. Examples of Citrus fruits are Lemons, Grapefruit, Oranges, Tangerines, Limes, Pomelo, Buddha’s Hand, Blood Orange, Oroblanco and more. Whatever each one of these that you have available, you can slice them up as many kinds of fruits as you want and mix them all in the same jar. 

5. Raspberry and Lime Flavored Water

 In this combo, to add a little creativity and color to it, try to mush the raspberry to really squeeze out its juices which will give the water a bit of a misty raspberry color.

Raspberry is an extremely rich source of antioxidants such as quercetin, gallic acid and Vitamin C. All of these combined is a great shield that prevents from acquiring cancer and heart diseases. Raspberries are also known to contain anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Lemon Flavored Water

The most common flavored water among all of the combos in the list must be the Lemon flavored water. It is usually the go-to beverage for those who are in a goal to achieve weight loss. Since lemon water is said to repress hunger and increase your metabolism. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C, pectin fiber, calcium and potassium. 

7. Grapes and Pineapple Flavored Water

Grapes are considered to be rich in powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. Polyphenols has the ability to prevent many types of cancer, this includes lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, esophageal, mouth, endometrial, pancreatic and cancer in the pharynx. Other health benefits of grapes are:

  • Helps you with Weight loss because grapes reduces the ability of the body to store fat.
  • Grapes contain resveratrols that improves the blood vessels dilation that causes the bloodstream to flow smoothly.
  • Improves Brain performance. Due to the unique properties of resveratrol, the circulation of blood in your brain is also made easier. Hence, enhancing the functions of it and reaching its optimum potential.
  • Protects your skin from any skin diseases or cancer and radiation.

Pineapples are delicious by nature and on its own original state. They are also known for their seemingly incredible health benefits. Pineapples are best known for their ability to reduce inflammation of the joints and muscles, which prevents cases of Arthritis. It contains this unique proteolytic enzyme called bromelain, which is responsible for breaking down stubborn proteins. Moreover, pineapples also have anti-inflammatory properties.

8. Watermelon and Lemon Flavored Water

It is unlikely to imagine the mixture of watermelon and lemon, but, many of you might be surprised that it could potentially be a good mixture. Just do not squeeze the lemons to hard, let its juices to naturally come out of the lemon. With the combined nutrients and vitamins found in both the watermelon and lemon, you can definitely guarantee yourself a healthy beverage that can be a great substitute for water.

9. Cucumber and Mint Flavored Water

There is just something about cucumbers that most people find refreshing, which is indeed a fact. The same thing goes for mint, there is just this soothing effect that they give to people who either smell or taste them. 

Cucumbers have high water components and carries essential nutrients such as magnesium and potassium. All of these three are perfect for keeping the body hydrated. In addition, cucumbers also have anti-inflammatory compounds that gives it the ability to effectively remove wastes and toxins from the body and also prevents skin irritation. 

Mint leaves also has its own set of health benefits which includes being an amazing appetizer and helps improve digestion significantly. In any cases of indigestion or inflammation, the soothing effect of the mint leaves can remedy the sick feeling you get and relieve you off from it. Furthermore, it also improves digestive and oral health and also aids prevents cancer.

10. Papaya and Mango Flavored Water

Not only are Papaya and Mango are of the same color, but they also make a perfect combination as well. Their softness and sweetness are just satisfyingly good for the taste buds. 

Papayas contain an enzyme called papain which is helpful in terms of digestion. Fun fact, that particular enzyme is also used to tenderized meat. Papayas are also rich in fiber and has a high water content, which both are proven to prevent cases of constipation and helps achieve a regular bowel movement.

Mangoes, on the other hand, decreases the risk of macular degeneration and types of cancer. Furthermore, it improves digestion significantly and is extremely good for the skin and hair.

You are Your own Maker!

The recipes above are just suggestions that are already proven to be tasty and a good substitute for water once in a while. You can always mix it up the way you want to, just remember to use all natural and organic ingredients because the aim for this is to achieve a healthy substitute for water. 

Then again, always remember that even though we are using healthy and natural ingredients for this, this does not mean that you should never drink the regular water anymore. Of course, you still need to do so just to provide your body with that all-natural cleansing effect.  is a replacement water and air filter company located in the United States. The views and opinions contained herein are solely those of the original author and do not represent Eco Blue Life or its affiliates. This article was originally published on  

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