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The Dangers of Toxic Contaminated Water in America

By July 20, 2017November 29th, 2020No Comments

Our earth is composed of mainly water and it is sad to say that most of our access to water is now contaminated. Earlier this year, a crowd of Americans gathered and protested to better the water systems and have an easy grant to safe and drinkable water. 

Our water is contaminated with different toxic chemicals that are definitely harmful to the health of humans. The most prevalent toxic chemicals that are creating the terror with our waters are the PFC and PFOA. 

I can guarantee that every person across the globe absolutely wants the right to have an easy access to safe and drinkable water.Who would want to endanger themselves and their loved ones health, right? It is just entirely important to always have a clean and potable water available in your household. 

Water is highly essential to attaining a quality health for every person. It is the main fluid that can help us fight off certain sicknesses and diseases. However, that idea seems to now be clouded by the horror of certain toxic chemicals contaminating our waters. 

How are we Contaminated by these Chemicals?

Well, drinking the water that is tested and found to carry these chemicals is the easiest way to intake these chemicals. However, the thing with these particular chemicals, the PFC and PFOA, it is not about how they evolve in the waters, but with what products we use inside our homes. These chemicals are transmitted in our bodies due to the industrial products that we commonly use for our day to day chores. Such products are non-stick cookery pans, grease-resistant covers (i.e microwavable popcorn bags, fast food containers/wrappers), waterproof apparels and accessories, stainless or rust-free utensils and house tools and many more industrial products. 

It has been confirmed that because of our long hour exposure and usage of such products, it is likely that PFCs and PFOA will be found in our bloodstream. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have clearly pointed out that 98 percent of Americans were examined and found to carry PFC in their blood. 

With that number alone, it is already an alarming rate and a clear sign that it is time to take matters in to action. Most importantly, that number only represents the increase in danger when it comes to the PFC and PFOA contaminants in our waters. Where in fact, there are more contaminants and pollutants that are present in our drinking water apart from PFC and PFOA alone. 

What are the Different Kinds of Contaminants that are Taking Over our Water?


PFC or Perfluorinated Chemicals is a term used when a large collection of chemicals are grouped altogether. If this PFC evolves to its longer version or state, it is now then called as the PFOA or Perfluorinated Acid. Basically, PFOA is when the PFC composition becomes longer. 

All PFCs have no ability to naturally evolve in our environment, which basically means that PFCs are man-made. 

There are two types of PFC, the short-chained PFC and the long-chained PFC. These types are determined based on the length of chains it can grow in to. The chains are composed of carbon atoms. Both classifications of PFC are considered to be harmful to a person’s health. However, it is still an ongoing study as to what specific health problems these PFCs can bring to a person. Only one thing is clarified yet, the long-chained PFCs are the most apparent type of PFC in our society and this long-chained PFC includes now the PFOA. 

Based on our previous article that talked details about the PFC and PFOA, such contaminants are capable of serious things.

“The PFOA is found to be a very persistent and hard to encounter type of chemical. The danger it brings is something to be taken serious of because of its different characteristics. PFOA and the word longevity can go hand in hand. For the reason that, once it enters a human body or contaminates any part of the environment, it can remain there for a long period of time. Not to mention, that no air, sun rays, water or even acid can break the PFOA down easily. Furthermore, it has the ability to travel along range of distance. May it be through air, crawl down on soil or flow through groundwater.”

Although, there is no clear explanations yet as to how PFC and PFOA can seriously affect a person’s health, it is still best if we could prevent ourselves from drinking water that contains these two contaminants. Unfortunately, that could be likely achieved if water systems, particularly in America, will be fixed up to the extent that at least 99.5% of pollutants or contaminants may be removed. 


PFASs, Poly Fluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances, are toxic chemicals that have the ability to repel both water and oil. For that reason, it is used majorly in products such as food packaging, leather, paints, fire-fighting foam and other industrial products in that matter. 

The level of this type of chemicals that are found in our drinking water is in an alarming rate. Even up to the extent of exceeding government-recommended safety levels. 

Statistics have shown that 75 percent of PFAs are detected in drinking water of 13 states in America, and this number was confirmed in the year 2016. Since then, the increase of PFAs have been non-stop and who knows maybe by now, all states are contaminated by this chemical. 


There are numerous of ways as to how feces can contaminate our water. Practically, all sources of water are contaminated by feces, because the call of nature for animals is simply in and with nature. They do not actually have any choice as to where to answer the call. Whether it may be of a human or animal, still it carries numerous of bacteria and viruses that can potentially harm one’s health.

Protozoan Parasites

Cryptosporidium and Giardia are one of the common examples for microscopic organisms that belong to this contaminant. As a matter of fact, they feed off of animals in order to reproduce. Upon drinking contaminated water that carries these organisms, the effects will be severe pain in the abdominal area and diarrhea.

Escherichia Coli

Commonly known as the E.Coli bacteria. Actually, E.coli contributes a role when it comes to a person’s digestion process. But, once presented in to the upper digestive part through drinking contaminated water, food poisoning is bound to happen.

Heavy Metals

There are a number of heavy metals that can be found are carried through our waters. A number of health problems will be acquired if ever carried inside in the body. Such as, kidney problems, nervous system damage and even cancer.


Chlorine is a type of heavy metal that is composed of disinfectant substances that is extremely helpful for cleaning products and disinfecting swimming pools. As a matter of fact, Chlorine can also be used as a useful ingredient when it comes to the purification process of drinking water, given if the water is clearly unsafe to drink or is completely contaminated.

However, it is not consider to be a useful method in mixing chlorine with water, more so to use it repetitively or regularly. For the reason that, Chlorine has strong chemical reactions, especially when combined with water. Hence, consuming an unhealthy amount of chlorine causes certain health problems to a person. This includes memory and balance impairment. 

Lead is transmitted to our drinking water mainly through the water pipes. If the water pipes are not getting regular maintenance that they should be having, then most likely, lead will be contaminating our drinking water. Corroded pipes are the main reason as to why our drinking water is contaminated with an excessive amount of lead that is no longer allowable in the human body. Lead causes multiple health problems in the body, especially affecting the young ones the most. A few of the health problems caused by Lead are brain deficiency leading to learning disabilities, behavioral problems and brain damage, hormonal irregularities that will result to developmental issues and growth stoppage and even deafness. 
Mercury is considered to be a naturally evolving element. However, despite its natural characteristics, mercury is just as toxic and harmful as any other heavy metals. Just like the Lead, Mercury can cause multiple health problems as well. This includes blindness, brain and nerve damage, emotional instability, cognitive disability that results to poor motor functions and muscle coordination, memory loss and also skin rashes. 
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) are chemicals usually found and used for industrial manufacturing processes such as insulation, machinery, electronics, paints, oil, adhesives and fluorescent lights too. Despite it being considered banned during the 1970s, PCBs still managed to remain present, now in landfills. The danger about PCBs is because they have the quality of not being easily broken down, so difficult that they can travel far distances from where they were initially produced. All in all while still keeping the same components in its original state. 

There are a lot more contaminants present that can cause serious harm to our bodies of water. Other types include viruses, pathogenic bacteria such as Coliform or E.Coli, pharmaceutical drugs and medicines, industrial wastes and sewage leaks. Generally, it is now even more difficult to have that peace of mind knowing that you are safe and can stay healthy with the drinking water that we are given access to. 

Harmful Effects of Contaminated Water to a Person’s Health

I can compile all statistical numbers and facts showing the current issue regarding our contaminated water and how there are more and more contaminants constantly found in our waters, worst, already in the bodies of almost all Americans. However, it would take us a whole other conversation to further discuss the numbers in details. The number of pollutants and contaminants are continuously increasing and is becoming more dangerous for every person’s health. 

How are we, you, affected, especially your health, by having little to no assurance at all of having safe and drinkable water? 

Water is essential to a person and to one’s health. On an average, a human body is mainly composed of 60 percent water. It is primarily responsible for the smooth functioning of our body and organs. Such as skin rejuvenation, waste elimination, healthy cholesterol and blood levels, metabolism and digestion, excellent and reliable brain and muscle coordination and a lot more.

So, what will happen if you are deprived of a high-quality water?

Intestinal Problems

Drinking contaminated water can take a toll on both your small and large intestines. Common diseases brought by contaminated water is Cholera, Amoebiasis, Intestinal Worms and Diarrhea. 

Hepatitis A

Water that carries a virus hosted by feces can result to having Hepatits A. This affects, or even damages, the liver.

Lead Poisoning

One of the most serious illnesses that are commonly acquired through water contamination. Corroded water pipes is the number one reasons why Lead can be mixed with drinking water. Ingesting lead through drinking lead-contaminated water can result to multiple health problems. 

Typhoid Fever

Millions of people are affected by Typhoid fever annually. This is a common bacterial-inflected disease that causes nausea, headache, loss of appetite and even diarrhea. 

Other health problems that can result from drinking contaminated water are Fluorosis, Dracunculiasis (Guinea Worm Disease), Arsenicosis, Polio, Schistosomiasis and HIV/AIDS.

How should you Address this issue?

We can wait for the water to clear out from contaminants and be tested to be zero percent free from toxic chemicals. However, that will cost us unimaginable numbers of years perhaps because, as of now, it should be clear that this is going to be an unending circle of solve and fail.

Nonetheless, there are still ways on how you can combat the issue regarding contaminated water. It may be to have your pipes fixed and maintained on a regular basis, or a simple device that can guarantee you a 99.9999% removal of toxic chemicals and other contaminants. There are a lot of products out in the market that promises quality service of delivering a safe, healthy and reliable water in your household. All that is left for you is to carefully choose which one is the best and is worthy of your trust. 

If it can help, check out The Berkey‘s website. It contains all the information that you need to know and all the answers to your questions when it comes to having that solution to this water crisis. is a replacement water and air filter company located in the United States. The views and opinions contained herein are solely those of the original author and do not represent Eco Blue Life or its affiliates. This article was originally published on  

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