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The Healing Vibrations of Water and Structured Water

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The power of water is undeniably proven throughout ages! From human needs to health. And it has to be asserted that water is a tangible extension of the spiritual. And all water is very sensitive to vibrations. That being the case of its healing vibrations, it can be an essential ingredient to spiritual practice.

Researchers clarify three of the wonders of water: its memory, its exchange of information to DNA, and its lively characteristics. Indigenous people groups have consistently respected the sacred and healing forces of water. They realize that it can die whenever handled ineffectively

So what is so mystical about water? The fact that it is life supporting says more than what we underestimate. We might believe the shimmering elixir sealed in a witch’s workshop to be magical as it has all the mystery around it. Yet won’t give a similar credit to water despite the fact that it is an enchantment mixture in itself.

Water is one of the five components of life. It is a cleanser and healer. Water is the opposite component of fire and subsequently both two balance nature. Metaphysically, water holds vibrations completely and for sustained time frames. The component of water represents the recurring pattern of our complex feelings. A lot of this component in our life can ‘flood’ us; too little can ‘dry’ us up. Keeping up a feeling of balance is significant.

Power of Water

There are such a large number of ways that water can bring a feeling of peace and harmony to your life. Regardless of whether it is a warm shower or taking a look at the waves crashing onto the shore. When you feel a connection with water it can feed your mind, body and soul.

Metaphysically it clears, supports and sustains all that it touches. It is incredible. When you realize how to make the most of its powerful essence then it will enhance your everyday spiritual practice. Here are four thoughts that you can use to begin on working metaphysically with the intensity of water.

Four spiritual practices for your daily life

Clearing: Water has the ability to receive, hold and clear the energy that encompasses it. It is an essential clearer of energy as it truly washes away the negativity from the environment around you.

Cleansing: The easiest approach to use water to cleanse your body, mind and atmosphere is in the shower. As the water falls down over your body, allow yourself to envision the water clearing up any worries, fears, stress or tension that you might be feeling.

Hydration Happiness: Drinking enough water to keep up your body’s health is additionally a significant spiritual practice. At the point when you are all around hydrated then your body will work better and your brain will be clearer. An all around hydrated body likewise improves your state of mind. Also, the better you feel, the more positive your energy will be.

Stillness. Discovering times of stillness is not a luxury. But a need for genuine feelings of serenity and great mental health. Stillness is additionally fundamental when you are building up your spirituality and instinct. Regardless of whether you are hoping to ace the art of meditation or increase your mystic capacity. Using water as a frame of reflection is powerful.

Healing Vibrations of Water

If you think about  the way that our bodies are composed of 75% (or a greater amount of) water, think what these basic things can do to our physiology!

Water charges energy and is truly transformable. It changes relying upon what the contribution or intention is.

Odds are you’ve found out about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments on water. He refers to these as hado and has used a radionics device to determine them in people. And additionally, he made a healing system in Japan, known as Hado Medicine. Whereby the imbalanced vibration inside a sick  individual’s body water is measured. Afterward a corrective vibration is transferred to water, called hado water’. At the point when the person drinks this hado water, the disturbed vibration is corrected.

This procedure is the essential standard of essences, and vibrational medication.

Both Hado Medicine and Essence Medicine depend on vibration and resonance.

At the point when the cell vibrations in various parts of the body are disturbed, this can cause sickness or imbalance patterns to start. Both on the physical levels or somewhere else in the auric field. When this circumstance happens, another blending vibration can be given to the disturbed regions. Impacting them and empowering a reasonable vibrational pattern to be reestablished.

Masaru Emoto found that a hado, or vibrational pattern, when recorded, has a wave shape of peaks and valleys. At the point when the shape of a wave opposite to the first one (valleys for peaks and peaks for valleys) is used, the wave can be fixed. By covering an ‘unhealthy’ wave with another wave as such, its attributes can be counteracted.

Researchers have been using these standards for quite a while to silence sound in particular spaces. Making pockets of silence by counteracting sound waves with opposing waves.

Your consciousness changes the resonance of water. Both physical water in physical situations, just as the spiritual. Emoto recognizes that people are fit for feeling and sending hado (vibrations) without a machine and without water.

Our vibration, or frequency, is affected by our thoughts, by the words we express, by the things we hear and see, by things we take into our bodies, and by the vibrations that we get from our environment. Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health is legitimately influenced by these things.

The use of a vibrational medication, for example, essence or hado water, just serves to give us an ordinary centered dose of a particular vibration. With consistency, making it simpler to move long-term patterns. This is fundamental on the grounds that the greater part of us people are yet learning and advancing on our way of energy management. And simply don’t have the concentration to be so predictable, for such a long time, with just an idea or the will. Having a bottle of something to take just makes it simpler for us!

There are likewise many referred to as structured water.  This is the water in its most natural form. Drinking structured water is put to consider that it can restore your energy. And your outlook in life is much affected positively. Let us discuss further and discover more about structured water.

Structured Water

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto demonstrated that water additionally can get and hold information from its environment. Comparative conclusions have been drawn by Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington, who found that water is extraordinarily influenced by daylight. Which is composed of visible light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation. This can change the molecular structure of water. Making what is known as structured water.

Structured water is found in natural sources of water. And inside living cells and has molecules that structure hexagonal groups. It is speculated that these molecules may have a more significant level of electrical charges. Which are significant for cell function. Having water molecules in our cells that are charged to the optimum level is valuable to the capacity of structures and tissues all through the body. Then again, when water has been chemically treated or contains different contaminants, for example, hormones, pollutants and toxins, the molecular  structure is adversely adjusted in a manner that limits the advantages the water would somehow or another have.

Water that is found in nature contains numerous antioxidants. Brimming with energy. Proper hydration is fundamental. So as to help the immune system, help digestion and detoxify the body. These health advantages, and numerous others, can be intensified when the water that is being consumed has the ideal molecular structure.

4 Reasons You Want Your Water to be Structured

There are such a large number of interesting points to consider in carrying and living a healthy way of life. However by far one of the most significant components is the water you are drinking. We are for the most part made of water and the water we are brought into the world with is structured water. The water in plants, vegetables and fruits is structured water. However, the water that originates from the tap or bottles is most likely not structured any longer. Except if it’s perfect well water or spring water – yet and still, at the end of the day it can profit by being restructured. Water brings hydration, minerals and energy to our cells. While keeping up fundamental functions and taking out toxins from our system. That is HUGE!

1. Optimal Hydration. Our cells have aquaporin channels which absorb water molecules each in turn. At the point when water is unstructured the molecules are clumped together. When water is structured it permits the cells to freely be hydrated and supported. In light of the fact that the molecules are appropriately adjusted. In this manner it takes less energy for the body to get hydrated.

2. Energy, Energy, Energy. Our body requires energy to work. Energy is an essential piece of being alive. Structured water gives great clean biophotonic life-force energy to the body. However, this isn’t like that of a caffeine energy that can lead into crashing. You will get long lasting balanced energy that is sustainable.

3. Cleaner Water. Truly, it is as yet critical to have a filter set up if there are pollutants in your water. But a filter won’t structure the water which has the ability to develop an exclusion zone. And help make toxins inactive as appeared in Dr Gerald Pollack’s research. It additionally cleans the memory of water. Water resembles a liquid crystal. Simply like crystals help computers with storing memory water can store memory too. This was shown by Dr Masaru Emoto in his photos of water and how water can get distorted by terrible energy and blended by good energy. Once more, we are for the most part made of water. So it’s acceptable to have harmonized water in your body in the event that you need harmony in your body. Structured water likewise makes a vigorous positive condition through free stable oxygen. Which advances healthy microorganisms and invalidates bad bacteria.

4. Softer Water. Structured water normally has a lower surface pressure then most unstructured water. Which makes water smoother, simpler to drink, progressively digestible by the body. And better for your home.

Additional Benefits of Structured Water

Your body is 60 – 80 % water! Simply consider what drinking structured water can do wonders for you:

  • Fresh tasting, invigorating water loaded with negative hydrogen ions
  • Renewing showers and baths for cleaner, healthier hair
  • Expanded absorption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins
  • Restoring to skin – no more dry, itchy skin
  • Detoxification of toxins
  • Boost immune system longevity and function
  • Improves all health programs and weight balancing
  • Improves disc and cartilage
  • Balances the fatigue of dehydration
  • Gives all the same benefits  to your pets

More benefits

  • Lessens chlorine requirements for spas and pools
  • Blooming lawns, gardens and house plants
  • Improved development of crops with expanded biomass
  • Lower the freezing point so plants and crops can be sustained at lower temperatures
  • Healthier farm livestock and fish
  • Lower water surface tension for better penetration. is a replacement water and air filter company located in the United States. The views and opinions contained herein are solely those of the original author and do not represent Eco Blue Life or its affiliates. This article was originally published on  
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