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The Importance of Clean Water for Women’s Health and Wellness

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A large group of racially diverse middle aged woman, huddle together for a group portrait after a fitness class. They are each dressed comfortably in athletic wear and are smiling as they laugh with one another. womens health and wellness

Water is critical for women’s health and wellness. It provides often overlooked benefits because simply drinking water is just that – simple. Choosing to drink filtered water only enhances those advantages. As important as water is, it’s also an eye-opener to realize that many women worldwide do not have access to a clean supply. Let’s talk about the benefits of clean water for women and why assisting others who are less fortunate is significant.


Woman suffering from Arthritis inflammation and joint health. Womens health and wellness

Water and Women’s Health Benefit 1: Joint Health

For aging women, the joints tend to start aching. Women are more likely than men to report severe cases of it. The fluid that keeps your joints lubricated is primarily made of water. Known as synovial fluid, it ensures friction doesn’t build between your joints. It’s also tasked with maintaining healthy tissue.

Consistently hydrating yourself will not likely take away any pain, but it is important to women’s health and wellness because it aids in reducing inflammation. Water is essential to remove toxins from your joints and provide the necessary nutrients. Making a habit of drinking lots of water now will help your joints later in life.


Young woman drinking water at home with healthy hair and skin. Womens health and wellness

Water and Women’s Health Benefit 2: Skin and Hair Appearance

Skin and hair health are important in ways that we take for granted. They promote self-confidence, which in turn can affect the psyche. The significance of water to skin and hair health is less well-known. Often, you’re searching for a supplement, medicine, or product that can miraculously heal brittle and dry hair and skin. The last thing you may think of as a solution is water.

Good, clean H2O can benefit women’s skin and hair health in two major ways. The first way you can benefit from filtered water is by consuming it. Proper hydration will assist in preventing a variety of scalp issues, such as dandruff, thinning, and hair loss. Drinking water will help increase blood flow to your skin, improve thickness, and enhance elasticity. These will help you maintain radiance for an extended period and age gracefully.

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The second way water is beneficial for hair and skin is during bathing routines. Believe it or not, a shower with unfiltered water can damage both. If you live in the city, you’re probably getting your water from the municipal supply. Their standard procedure to sanitize the water is to use chlorine. While it’s generally safe, it takes a heavy toll on your hair and skin. This is due to chlorine removing the essential oils they need to be healthy.

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woman performing good hygiene thanks to clean water

Water and Women’s Health Benefit 3: Sanitation and Hygiene

Water is essential to sanitation and good hygiene for people in general. Given the nature of the female body, it can be even more important. With clean water, you can prevent infections, maintain personal cleanliness, and it can even help regulate your menstrual cycle more efficiently.  These are vital for women’s health and wellness as diseases, germs, and bacteria are controlled, allowing you to live a healthier life.

According to our partner, Wine To Water, clean water has numerous community benefits. Unfortunately, many places worldwide do not have this basic resource, affecting women and girls in these areas the most. Instead of going to school or working a trade, they often walk dangerous terrain searching for water – for several hours! This leaves them susceptible to abuse and illness.


girls searching for clean water.

Photo courtesy of Wine To Water

Helping Other Women Around the World

A primary goal for our company is to do our part to improve our community, including our global one. This is why our partnership with Wine To Water is imperative. Our collaboration aims to strengthen women’s health and wellness by building up the communities that they live in, giving them access to clean water. A portion of every refrigerator filter sold is donated to the cause.

Providing millions with clean water is an incredible accomplishment, and the impact of making a difference is priceless. Simple things we take for granted, like maintaining good hygiene, are made possible by clean water.

If you’re interested in donating to the cause, there are several ways to do so. As mentioned, every fridge filter purchased is a form of lending a hand. You can also select a Wine To Water charity at checkout or donate to them directly. Planting a seed can positively affect more people than you realize!

Donate To Wine To Water


 Women smiling with filters. Clean Water. Photo courtesy of Wine To Water.

Photo courtesy of Wine To Water

Strong Women Powered by Clean Water

Water is life. It can be a battery that can help enhance women’s health and wellness. With pure, filtered water, your body can perform at its best, managing aches and pains more easily. Hair and skin will be hydrated, heightening your appearance, and protecting your future. Clean water also provides conveniences taken for granted, like proper sanitation and hygiene. Utilizing this resource for yourself is important, and to help provide it for the world – is impactful.


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