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Top Tips for Kidney Health: The Importance of Water in your Lifestyle

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Picture of adult and child holding kidneys. Kidney Health

Your kidneys are essential to your health and well-being. They’re your body’s personal internal filter, tasked with removing the impurities from your blood. Being a filtration company, it’s only right that we discuss why taking the best care of this organ is vital. We’ll also review some excellent ways to ensure they’re as healthy as possible.

Working Hard With No Play

The kidneys are the hardest working organ in your body, next to the heart. They remove nitrogen waste, muscle waste, and acids. They get no time off, constantly filtering whatever is thrown at them. Even when you’re relaxing or resting, they’re still working.

Though the main task of your kidneys is to filter your blood, it’s also responsible for other functions. They remove waste and extra fluids, control blood pressure, make red blood cells, keep bones healthy, and regulate pH levels.

Like our pleated filters, they’ll eventually succumb to wear and tear if driven too hard. But unlike a filter, it’s much harder to replace them, so ensuring they remain healthy is necessary.


Middle age man drinking a glass of filtered water with a happy face standing and smiling with a confident smile showing teeth. Kidney health

Best Tip for Kidney Health: Drinking Water

Some of the best things you can do to strengthen your kidneys are to make healthy food choices, exercise, maintain a healthy weight, and rest. Avoiding smoking and alcohol and maintaining a stress-free life are also good habits to fortify them. One that is commonly overlooked, however, is drinking water.

Can drinking water help your kidneys?

Consistent hydration by drinking water can help your kidneys immensely. Drinking filtered water can help even more so. This is because filtered water can assist your kidneys by removing any waste and toxins stored in them. This will increase the organ’s efficiency and boost the prevention of any issues.

Filtered water also has fewer contaminants. Pollutants like chlorine and fluoride or metals like aluminum, copper, and nitrates will be removed – meaning less work for your kidneys. Water helps streamline the workload, improving kidney health!

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Is drinking lots of water good for your kidneys?

Water is the best beverage that you can drink for kidney health. But how much is too much? Generally, women should drink around 8 cups of water daily, and men around 10 cups. This may sound difficult, especially in today’s world, where you’re constantly buzzing around.

You’ll also want to ensure the water is filtered because the quality matters as much as the quantity. Here are some of the options we recommend taking on the go!

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Does hard water cause kidney stones or issues?

Let’s define hard water first. Water is “hard” if the magnesium or calcium concentration is over 5 grains per gallon (gbg). While this has been a concern, no conclusive evidence has connected kidney stones or kidney issues to hard water.

However, if you’re worried, it’s better to be safe than sorry. To totally remove calcium and magnesium from your water, you’ll need to invest in a water softener system. But before going down that road, it’s best to know if those contaminants are in your supply. You can find out by reaching out to your local water treatment facility or by using a water test kit.

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If you’ve determined your water is hard, the next step is to figure out which water softener system is best for you. You can achieve this by the following 3 factors:

Salt-based water softeners use ion exchange to help decrease minerals in the water with resin. Resin is a sodium ion that contains a negative charge. Calcium and magnesium minerals have a positive charge, so when hard water passes over the resin, the mineral ions are captured and removed from the water.
If you’re searching for a salt-free water softener or one that doesn’t use sodium, you’re looking for a water conditioner. They employ potassium chloride instead of salt to remove magnesium and potassium from hard water; however, they’re expensive.

The various ways you utilize your water will affect the system you’ll need for your home. A whole-house water softener will enhance water quality at all points of entry throughout your home. If you’re looking to target a specific point of entry, you might want to consider other possibilities.

To find the right water softener size, you’ll need to consider the amount of people in your home. Then, multiply that by the amount of water they use daily. To make things a bit easier, the average human uses approximately 80 gallons of water daily.

A water softener’s capacity is defined by the number of grains of water hardness it can remove before requiring maintenance, commonly known as regeneration.By drinking filtered water provided by the softener, you’ll have fewer worries about levels of calcium or magnesium and can enjoy the full benefits.


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healthy kidneys from drinking filtered water

Hydration, the Easiest Way To Improve Kidney Health

Rewarding the hardest working organ in your body with filtered water is the easiest way to fortify your kidneys. By drinking quality water, you’ll remove any waste or toxins lingering in your system. This will improve your kidney’s health, which will enhance your well-being.


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