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Ultimate Pool Opening Checklist: 7 Tips for Pool Maintenance and Care

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As temperatures rise, the urge to cool down by diving into a swimming pool will as well! Before you dip in, you’ll need to ensure it’s safe for you and your loved ones. This process can be stressful but should be manageable if you’re prepared. Let’s go over some simple ways to prepare to open your pool.


Pool Opening Checklist 1: Clear Your Environment for the Pool Opening

The simplest thing to do is also one of the most important. No, we’re not talking about any debris you find in the pool; we’re focused on the external clutter. Often overlooked, the rubbish in the surrounding area, like leaves, branches, and dirt, can be tracked into the water.

Remove risky items such as children or pet toys. You should keep this habit past the initial opening and do it as a part of your pool prep process. This and looking out for slippery spots will ensure a safe environment for all swimmers.

Tidying the environment and the pool can be a task in itself. Using an effective cleaning solution can make things a bit easier. If you’re looking for an excellent option for pre-pool season prep, our Filters Fast® Brand Multipurpose Cleaner is a must-have.

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Pool Opening Checklist 2: Remove the Pool Cover

A pool cover is a vital part of pool winterization and the health and maintenance of your pool during its primary season of use. Before removing the cover, you’ll want to eliminate any leaves and debris that have gathered to avoid having them fall into your pool.

With that process done, it should be safe to detach any straps from the pool deck and pull the cover. Inspecting it to ensure it’s still in good condition is a good idea. After you’ve done that, let good ole Mother Nature dry it for you. Once it’s dry, store your cover somewhere safe.


Pool Opening Checklist 3: Add Water and Change Plugs

The next step is to add water to your pool. You’ll want to make sure it’s at an operating level. If you’re unsure about that, try getting it to a level that’s about three-quarters up your skimmer. An easy way to do so is to fill it using your hose. You’ll need to make sure it’s sufficient so you can properly evaluate your skimmer baskets.

Now, you’ll need to remove all your winter plugs and parts and replace them with your in-season gear. While you’re changing them, check for any damage. It’s best to go ahead and replace a damaged or deteriorated skimmer, as leaks and water loss will be a primary concern. Debris will also be more of an issue should your skimmer be compromised.


The robot is cleaning the pool. Maintenance pool concept

Pool Opening Checklist 4: Clean the Bottom of the Pool

Even though your pool has been covered, debris has likely gathered at the bottom. To make things a bit easier for yourself, you can use a chemical clarifier to break it down. Pool clarifiers remove organic matter like algae, bacteria, dead plants, and animals.

Once you’ve allowed the clarifier to settle, pick up the debris with a rake. You’ll then want to follow up with vacuuming to pick up smaller particles. To give the pool an extra layer of clean, make sure to scrub the walls.


Pool Opening Checklist 5: Start the Pump and Filtration System

It’s finally time to turn on the pump! While it’s running, make sure to watch how it is running. You’ll need to monitor your pressure gauge and search for leaks. Should the gauge display a high-pressure reading, your filter may be sullied. Backwash your filter if necessary and replace it if a backwash will not resolve the issue.

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To ensure you’re on top of pool maintenance, we recommend our Home Filter Club pool and spa filter subscription program. It takes the difficulty out of remembering to order a replacement filter and makes it easy by delivering it to your doorstep just in time for the season. Simply choose Subscribe & Save at checkout!

Once you’ve confirmed that your pump is operating smoothly, leaving it running for 24 hours is important. This will ensure that the water is evenly circulated, hindering bacteria and algae from settling in still areas.


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Pool Opening Checklist 6: Shock, Test, and Condition the Water

This step provides an extended effort to ensure your pool is safe for the season. A chemical shock will help with cleanliness and regulating contaminants. It’s recommended to shock the pool once a week during regular use, with an extra one if you’re very active in it.

After each shock, you’ll need to test the water 24 hours later. If it is leveled out, make sure to condition the water to prevent chlorine loss. This can happen pretty fast since UV rays from the sun will be in abundance during the season. Even though your pool is almost picture perfect, keep in mind that you’ll need to keep some algaecide handy and use it frequently to keep it spotless.


Pool Opening Checklist 7: Finishing Touches To Your Outdoor Haven

You’re almost there! The next step is simply to look at your pool area and take notes on what needs to be replaced. Anything from steps, ladders, lighting, pool toys, and equipment should be managed and restored. Once this is completed, all that’s next is to clean and set up your outdoor furniture, bug zapper torches, and fire up the barbecue!


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Pool Season Ready!

No matter how hot it may get this season, you’ll stay clean and cool in your spectacular pool. It takes a little know-how and some work, but it’s worth it for those special moments you’ll create. For all your pool filtration needs, think of!

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