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Using AC Air Filters To Keep Cool

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Spring preparation is essential, but what about summer? Keeping cool in your home and avoiding the heat is just as important as removing pollen. Opening a window or turning on a fan won’t provide enough cool air! Your AC unit will be your primary source of relief, so knowing how to maintain its efficiency is vital.

AC air filters are a great way to achieve not only pollen removal but also maintain the coolness in your home. However, not everybody has the same type of unit. Let’s talk about some of the most popular types of AC units and how filters enhance them.

Window Air Conditioners

Window AC Units are compact air conditioners that are placed within a window frame. In general, the unit removes hot air from a room and blows cold air in. The section of the unit that blows hot air out sits outside of your window, with the fan located on the inside.

The pro of this unit is that the availability is high and it’s very efficient. The con is that it could be a security risk depending on what floor the unit is located on. In addition, an electric outlet must be within range for the unit to be used.

How does an air filter help my window air conditioner?

The outside air collected by the unit is pushed through a filter which removes the dust and keeps your air clean and fresh. The air filter also protects the unit’s internal components from being layered with dirt and grime, enhancing the system as well as providing you with refreshing air throughout the summer.

What happens if you don’t clean or change the filter on the window AC?

If you do not maintain the upkeep of your AC filter, your window unit will dip in efficiency. Dust particles will begin to collect in the AC unit, jamming the moving parts and restricting the airflow. This will require repair, affecting your wallet as well as making the surrounding environment extremely uncomfortable due to the heat.

ac air filter

Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner is an autonomous transportable system used for cooling a single room. Unlike window units they aren’t directly attached to a window frame, making them more practical. They work by transferring the hot air in a room and moving it outside.

The pro for a personal air conditioner is that they’re easy to install and are more economical than conventional central air conditioning systems. The con is that the unit doesn’t cover large areas. They generally are used for one room at a time and are very noisy.

How does an air filter help my portable air conditioner?

The system pulls air from the outside environment, passes it through your AC air filter to remove any impurities, and then circulates the clean air through the room. This filter not only keeps the air clean but also prevents the unit from getting dirty and damaged by dust and debris. A clean filter boosts the system’s performance, giving you steady, cool temperatures.

What happens if you don’t change the filter on your portable air conditioner?

If you neglect to replace or clean your filter, eventually the unit will not run well. Dust, pet dander and airborne contaminants will infiltrate and clog the air conditioning unit. This will jam its moving parts such as the fan motors and valves. Airflow will become restricted which causes a strain on the system which results in it using more power. An inefficient portable air conditioner means a hotter, uncomfortable room.

ac air filter

Central Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioners circulate cool air via a system of supply and return ducts. They are the common cooling system in most homes. The supply ducts carry chilled air from the air conditioner throughout the home like blood from the heart through veins. These air conditioners are more powerful than other types and can be used in unison with furnaces to maintain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

The pro that central air conditioners provide is whole home comfort. From your bedroom to hallways, the kitchen, and living areas are all covered by constant cool airflow. The only real con for central air conditioning is the lack of zone-by-zone control. This would only apply if you wanted a section of your home to be cooled at a different temperature than another.

Do AC Units Have Air Filters?

Although there are several types of air conditioning units, they all use the same type of filters. Locating these filters can be difficult sometimes but in general they are on the unit or somewhere nearby. For homes with more than one level, you may find that you will need an air filter for each floor. It is important to know where your air filter is located so that you can change the filter.

Do air filters for homes make AC units work harder?

Depending on your filter, it will take more energy and effort for your AC unit to use it. A more efficient filter will require more from your system; however, it will provide cleaner air. The other caveat in which your AC unit will work harder using an air filter is if you do not properly clean or replace your filter. A dirty filter will severely bog down your unit, to the point that it will not be effective at all.

Do air filters keep your AC cold?

Yes, AC air filters help keep your air conditioning device operating at cool temperatures. If you’re having difficulty getting cool air from your system, odds are it’s time to clean or change the filter.

How often should AC air filters be changed?

It is recommended that you change your air filters every 1-3 months. This will ensure that you maintain your air conditioning system’s productivity. Remembering to replace your filter can be difficult thanks to everyday life’s challenges. Our Home Filter Club air filter subscription program was made with this in mind.
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Where to buy AC air filters?

In general, you can find AC air filters in many places including your local home improvement store, supercenter, or grocery store. You can also purchase them online by searching for the type of filter and size that your unit uses. If you need a resource for buying air conditioning filters for your home, we’re here to help! carries top-brand AC air filters such as Carrier, 3M, and AprilAire.

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