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Water Quality & Baking

By May 13, 2019November 29th, 2020No Comments

We’ve talked about the importance of water quality when it comes to your health and even when it comes to watering your garden, but have you thought about the effect of water quality when it comes to baking your favorite treats?

According to a few sources we found, water must be in drinkable form to be used in baking. Water often varies in mineral content that’s why many homeowners must deal with hard or soft water. Believe it or not, water hardness matters in baking. Unless you have a water softening system or something similar, using regular ole tap water might be affecting the taste and overall outcome of your baked treats!

Our EVP of Sales and Marketing, Dee, baking.

Especially when it comes to making dough, water is responsible for triggering the natural chemical process in the dough. It also controls the temperature and hydrates the components too! Here’s what you need to take away, taste, chemical content and mineral content variations are crucial to the baking process.

The presence of minerals in water determine the hardness or softness of water and provide nutrients to the yeast. Any change in mineral concentration affects the fermentation, which will affect the characteristics of the dough, ultimately making it stronger or weaker.’s EVP of Sales and Marketing, Dee, baking.

Water is an extremely important aspect of the backing process. Even cakes, pastries, and cookies, even tortillas and crackers, also react to the quality of water that is used.

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Not only does baking take skill, passion, and science, the use of water has a big impact on the process and outcome of your creations. So next time you’re in the mood to whip up something tasty, make sure the water you are using has the right amount of minerals!

Looking for some baking inspiration? We’ve pinned some scrumptious recipes over on our Pinterest page.’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Dee, baking.

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