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Water Your Wellbeing: The Benefits of Whole Utilization of Water Filtration

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If you’re a health-minded person, you probably go to extreme lengths to ensure you care for your body. From jogging to watching the foods you eat and the calories you consume – it almost seems like a full-time job. You may even think that you have all your bases covered, but it’s possible you’ve missed one important detail.

What about the water you use?

If you’re a resident of the United States, you may think your water is in good condition. However, this is not always true.
The Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Act regulates drinking water for over 90 contaminants, however, just 92% of the US population receives water that meets those standards continuously!

This leads to an important question… “Where’s my water supply originate?”
For the most part, the answer is one of two selections. Either a municipal water supply or a private well. And whichever you may have, it is very likely that you have several contaminants present that could present a danger to your overall health.

Danger? Yes. So, how do you avoid it?

The first important step is to get your water tested. You can either hire a professional, or you can take the convenient route and purchase a water test kit .

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water test kit

You’ll be surprised by what you find out. The Center for Disease Control (CDC)
states that tap water can become contaminated with germs and chemicals such as salmonella or arsenic. This could occur at any step in the water’s transition to your home. Either at the source or after the water has left the treatment plant.

If you have well water, such pollutants as coliform and bacteria could make your supply their haven. This is why committing to a water test is so important. Once you are aware of the impurities occupying your supply, you’ll be able to grab the best water filtration system for you.

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Wholly Utilizing Your Water

Though most people think that the quality of water matters only for drinking, it also matters in every way that we utilize it. From cooking to taking a shower, all applications can benefit from a higher value of water. Especially since we use over 3,000 gallons a month in various ways.

Drinking filtered water has incredible pluses. It can enhance colon cleansing and detox diets, flushing many toxins that are encapsulated in the body. In addition, if you’re struggling with losing weight, filtered water could help reduce your calorie intake.

Enjoy cooking? Filtered water can remove any number of harmful chemicals that could creep into the food you’re preparing. Taste for any beverage (coffee/teas) or side dishes (rice/grits) could be altered by the volatile organic compounds present within tap water.

Finally, most people look over the water that they bathe or shower with. Chlorine is used by water treatment centers to clean it; however, it can have adverse effects on your skin and hair. It evaporates the essential oils required to help keep your skin soft and radiant, giving it a dry and coarse appearance instead.

This just highlights the importance of having the correct water filtration system that will fit your home’s needs. Beware though, just purchasing a water filtration system is not the only thing you’ll need to do to ensure clean and safe water in your home. You will also need to consistently replace your water filters for your system.


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What do water filters do for my water filtration system?

Water filters are the protective media that helps contain the dangerous contaminants that you’re looking to get rid of. They help keep your system running efficiently, removing hazards like giardia, cryptosporidium, arsenic, lead, nitrates, copper, chlorine, and more.

After working night and day, eventually, these filters will become worn and bogged down by all the impurities they have collected. To continue having the highest quality of water available and a smooth operating system, you should replace most water filters every 6 months.

But what if you’re forgetful?

Life goes by fast, and being consistent with replacing your filters can be easier said than done! We recommend signing up for our Home Filter Club subscription program – a program made specifically for this case. Just find your filter, choose a delivery interval, and you’ll receive your filters on your doorstep just in time!

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Cheers To Having the Best Water for Your Well-being

Now you’re aware of how important water is, and how having the best quality can enhance every facet of your well-being. It is essential to life and is used in a myriad of ways; from drinking, cooking, and even taking a shower.

To be able to consistently provide high-quality water to you and your loved ones, you must first know what is in it, then invest in the correct filtration system, and replace your water filters regularly.

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