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What Filters Fast is Doing About Website Accessibility

By May 17, 2024No Comments

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is celebrated in May each year to raise awareness of digital access and inclusion.

Over 1 billion people worldwide are affected by inaccessibility.

What is digital accessibility?

Digital accessibility is the ability of people with disabilities and impairments to consume and interact with digital applications independently. Some of the most common accessibility failures include low-contrast text, missing alt text on images, empty links, missing form input labels, empty buttons, and missing document language.

Individuals with visual impairments need alternative text descriptions of images and cannot use a mouse to interact with different elements on a screen. People with hearing impairments need captioning or visual indicators instead of audio cues. People with motor impairments need access to alternative keyboards, eye control, or other adaptive hardware to navigate a device. A person with a cognitive disability may need an uncluttered screen, consistent navigation, or plain language.
Graphic to demonstrate Filters Fast's commitment to digital accessibility

Our Efforts

At Filters Fast, we are taking steps to enhance and improve accessibility on our website. One of our core business values is inclusion, and one way we uphold this is to ensure everyone who interacts with our brand has an accessible experience.
To demonstrate our commitment to inclusion as a company, we have partnered with Level Access, a digital accessibility business, to ensure that our website is ADA-compliant and accessible to everyone.

While our efforts are continuous, a significant step we have taken is to improve our website structure by editing pages to include appropriate headings, lists, paragraphs, and other formatting for better usability with assistive technology. We are dedicated to ensuring that our brand assets, blogs, and emails are compliant.

Beyond ensuring we have an accessible website, we offer training and education on accessibility to our employees to help them understand the importance of accessibility and how they can utilize their skills to contribute to our accessibility efforts as a company.
Read our Accessibility Statement.

Filters Fast Accessibility Statement

It is our responsibility to ensure that our website is user-friendly for everyone. If you have difficulty using any element on our website, please contact us. You can use our contact form, call 866-438-3458, or email us at

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