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Which Way Does the AC Air Filter Go?!

By February 1, 2023No Comments

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Are you having a difficult time changing your air filter? Don’t know which way the furnace filter is supposed to go? It is a simple question that fortunately has a simple answer! First, let’s cover why it’s important to know which way the air filter goes into your system.

Why Is It Important to Know Which Way the Air Filter Goes?

Providing the highest quality air to your home is vital to your well-being. This means ensuring that your filter is operating to maximum efficiency. For that to happen, correct installation is necessary.

Air filters work by trapping particles in their surface area. The more particles that are trapped in this area, the less they will escape into your home and pollute your indoor air quality.
The back of the filter contains its support structure, which is usually a metal mesh or a cardboard frame. The front of an air filter contains the essential filter media that captures dangerous contaminants, which means it should be the first surface your air has contact with.

Installing a filter incorrectly is basically like having a dirty air filter! A filter inserted the wrong way will inhibit airflow through the filter’s media and your HVAC will consume more energy attempting to shoulder the increased workload. This will drive up costs in multiple ways, not only will you pay more for energy usage, but you could also damage your system!

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A Simple Answer Revealed!

Does your furnace filter have an arrow along the sides? The filter’s arrow should always point toward the furnace. If you have an upflow furnace, the filter should face up; if you have a downflow furnace, it should face down.

A simple way to remember this is if the furnace’s airflow is pulling the air upwards, then the arrow should point upwards. If the airflow is pulling downwards or forwards, the arrow needs to point in that direction.

Having Trouble Changing Your Air Filter Consistently?

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