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Why Is Air Filtration Important During the Winter?

By December 15, 2023No Comments

mother and daughter enjoying good air filtration in the winter

Typically, people worry about air filtration more during the spring and summer months. However, in the winter, it’s just as important. Each season provides its own set of air quality issues that should be noted. Let’s delve into why it’s important to keep on top of your home’s air quality during the winter and how you can provide your home with the most potent air filtration solutions.

Why Should You Pay Attention to Air Filtration in the Winter?

As the season brings temperatures down, people tend to stay inside to enjoy the warmth more and more. You may not know, but in the colder months, cooler temperatures trap air pollution close to the ground. Warmer air encapsulates cooler air, trapping it. The cold air moves slowly and is denser than its counterpart.

As a result, air pollution stays around for an extended amount of time and is inhaled at an increased rate. The combination of cooler temperatures, trapped air pollution, more people inside, and the presence of more viruses and bacteria, makes indoor air quality a tremendous concern.

Luckily, there are ways to combat the lingering air pollution, which all involve air filtration. Effective air filtration can protect against germs and stagnant low air quality by forming a layer of defense like an offensive line for a quarterback. For tips on how to build your line of protection, let’s go over the 3 most effective solutions.


woman sneezing from lack of good air filtration

Winter Air Filtration Solution 1: Air Purifier

Level of Effectiveness: Great

Air purifiers can be an efficient method for enhancing your air quality in the winter. They capture the surrounding air, push it through a filter that traps impurities, and release the purified air. They can help dampen the effects that cold weather air pollution triggers, such as sneezing, eye irritation, and a runny nose.

An air purifier will eliminate airborne contamination that’s rampant during the winter like viruses and bacteria. This decreases the chances of illness for those residing in your home. They also provide an alternative option to shaking up stale air since opening your windows isn’t a good one. The elevated air pollution caused by winter weather will be cleaned, making the air purifier a great choice for higher air quality.

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Winter Air Filtration Solution 2: Humidifier

Level of Effectiveness: Great

Humidifiers are a perfect method for improving the quality of your air in the colder months. There are several different types, but in general, they all add moisture back into your air. During the winter, this can be a plus because one of the effects of the season is dry air. Dry air might initially seem harmless, but it worsens flu season troubles. The depleted moisture makes it more difficult for your body to prevent illness, which is why there are more cases of colds, the flu, and pneumonia.

If your air lacks moisture, it will enhance the effects of air pollution. Utilizing a humidifier will ensure your home has a proper moisture level, negating most of the disease and air pollution common during the winter.

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man protecting home in the winter with good air filtration habits

Winter Air Filtration Solution 3: Furnace Filters

Level of Effectiveness: Fantastic

Consistently changing your furnace filter is the best layer of defense against winter’s stagnant air pollution. This is because its focus is to protect your heating and cooling system, which is the heart of air control in your home. Furnace filters use finely woven fibers to capture airborne particulates roaming your residence. Dust, dirt, and dander will be removed, allowing your HVAC to operate at full capacity.
An efficient HVAC has many benefits. With clean air circulating properly, you’ll lessen the chances of germs spreading and causing sickness. You’ll also contribute less to air pollution in the winter because the system uses less energy. An additional plus is the savings you’ll acquire because of your system’s efficiency.

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The key word in using furnace filters to attain high air quality in the winter is “consistently”. Because of the cold weather, people are inside more often which translates to your HVAC constantly working overtime. This also means that your filters will likely collect contaminants at a faster rate. You will need to replace your filters more often to guarantee high-quality air in your home through the wintertime.

Remembering to replace your furnace filter can be easier said than done. Putting a reminder in your phone is one option that could help. Utilizing our Home Filter Club subscription program can assist even more. Just find your filters, choose your delivery option, and you’ll receive your filters at your doorstep — fast!

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Quality Air in Your Home This Winter

Because of the colder environment during the winter, people naturally drift inside for warmer temperatures. This can easily be a hazard due to the increased levels of contaminants in the air and the flu season being in full effect. Air filtration is essential to combat air pollution and its symptoms. Utilizing a combination of air purification, humidification, and consistent furnace filter maintenance will ensure your home is clean and healthy all winter long!

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